Thursday, October 08, 2015

American Horror Story: Hotel: 'It's Not The Getting Ready, It's The Clean-Up'

Finally .... American Horror Story: Hotel debuted last night and .... it was fabulous.

The Hotel Cortez is so beautiful, i would stay there, were it not for all the murders and shiz.

Dennis O'Hare as "Liz Taylor" is f-a-a-a-a-bulous.

Sarah Paulson is kinda giving me Jessica Lange 2.0.

Matt Bomer. That ass. Those tight black briefs. He is oozing sex ... plus [SPOILER ALERT] he's been dead for twenty years.

Max Greenfield being raped by a mummy with a, um, drillbit for a penis.
Kathy Bates is, as always, perfection.

And Gaga? I feared she would go too far over the top and become a hammy overacting cartoon, but she was wonderful; creepy, sexy, cool. And, of course, the clothes. Oy!

There were a lot of things to eyeball last night ... the couple found dead in the swanky hotel room, him without his eyes or tongue ...

Cheyenne Jackson. yum.

That wicked foursome: Call housekeeping.

It feels like a real reboot of the show, given that Lange isn't back this season ... and I miss her. It does have a little 'The Shining' vibe to it, but I think that'll go away as we get into the kink of it all.

Plus, Naomi Freaking Campbell? And the returns of Finn Wittrock, Evan Peter sand Angela Bassett.

Stay.Tuned. And don't close your eyes.


the dogs' mother said...

waaay to scary for moi!!

mistress maddie said...

Coven was mu favorite season so far.....till last night!!!!! I absolutely lived it, and agree about the hotel....stunning art deco!!!! Matt Bomer is in even better shape in this then even magic mike. I too could stay there if I had matt, Cheyenne Wes waiting on me. Gaga pleasantly surprised me as did max Greenfield.

Bob Slatten said...

It's definitely taste specific!

I know, I'm loving the sets and, well of course, My Husband In My head Matt Bomer!

viktor kerney said...

It was interesting, but choppy