Thursday, October 22, 2015

North Boulevard Church of Christ Kicks Out Boy Scouts For Being Too "Accepting"

After supporting their local Boy Scout Troop for over fifty years, and allowing them to meet at the church, the North Boulevard Church of Christ in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is now asking the troop to find someplace else to gather because … you guessed it … gays.

And this is the third church in Tennessee to do so. Boy Scouts executive Larry Brown, who declined to name the other church’s that have banned the Boy Scouts, says church leaders told him they had given the matter "a great deal of thought" before deciding "to drop their charter with the Boy Scouts of America.”

Cuz that’s what Jesus and God want, you know. If you’re a group that once was very exclusive, denying membership and positions of authority to LGBT members, that was fine. But the minute you become accepting, well, get out. That’s the way the North Boulevard Church of Christ proves its Christian love.

Luckily, Larry Brown points out that there are some 600 churches in Tennessee that have continued to welcome the Boy Scouts since their change of heart about The Gays, and just three churches who missed the part of the Bible that said ‘God is love.’

Hopefully this troop will find one of those churches.

On a side note: I visited the website for this church, looking for a picture to post up top, and saw their mission statement:
“We are on a journey to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Join us on our journey. Our dress is casual, our environment is relaxed, and our church looks forward to welcoming you.”
Except for … Gay. What would Jesus do?


the dogs' mother said...

it is gratifying that there are only a few.
we had very little kerfuffle here. one or
two calls and life goes on and all is well.

Mitchell is Moving said...

They really do need to add an asterisk to their mission statement.

Michael Dodd said...

If it makes you feel better, I assume this is the same sort of Church of Christ in which I was raised. In which case, they reject instrumental music in worship, too. So King David and his harp would not be welcomed, either.

anne marie in philly said...

@mitchell - RAMEN, bro!

Dave R said...

Re: Lamar Odom - had no idea who he was before this happened. Nearly dying in a whorehouse from an Overdose is the sort of thing that happens to scumbags and Republicans. Then I saw he was married to a Kardashian and realized the most likely engineered the whole thing.