Thursday, October 08, 2015

Random Musinsg

As I was saying … we got through the storm fairly well. That's our little patch of South Carolina in the circle there, with rain totals of about 16 inches from Friday night to Monday morning.

There was some water in the fireplace from wind driven rain coming down the chimney. And one of the skylights in the sunroom leaked a little.

Both of these things caused Carlos to thrust his head into his hands because he hates to spend money to fix anything, and because he thinks he can do anything himself.

“We are not having ___________ come back to fix the skylight again since he didn’t do a good job!”

“Um, _____ re-caulked the skylight when he saw it three years ago and it hasn’t leaked since. But he did say it might need to be replaced as it’s almost thirty-five years old.”

“Okay, whatever. But I think we can put a cap on the chimney ourselves.”

“Wait a sec! Are you a f**king masonry expert now, too? Cool. When we get done with the chimney why not build us a car in our spare time?”

Luckily I talked him down off his high horse and didn’t have to talk him down off the roof.
So, it ALLEGEDLY it went like this:

Kim Davis says the Pope wanted to see her.

The Vatican neither confirmed nor denied the story.

The Vatican then did not deny the story.

The Vatican confirmed the story.

Kim David says Pope Frankie told her to stay strong and ‘fight the fags,’ though I might be paraphrasing that last part.

The Vatican is pissed.

And has now come out and said the only people to have an actual audience with the Pope, and not just trotted out to shake his hand and say nothing to him, were a former student and his husband, with whom the Pope spoke personally.

Kim Davis. The Liberty Counsel. Called out as liars by the Vatican.

Life is good.
The new television season is underway and the Hot Men Parade continues …

Alexander Fehling plays Carrie’s boyfriend on the new season of Homeland and he is Ginger Hot.

Matt Chen, who apparently only wears shirts that are two sizes too small — and that is not a complaint — is a new mystery man on How To Get Away With Murder, while Adan Canto is the new mystery ‘ranch hand’ on Blood & Oil — which is basically Dallas in Montana with hotter guys.

And finally we have Josh Stamberg, who plays Helens’ new love interest on The Affair, and during last week’s episode left nothing to the imagination. Nothing.
Rumor has it that a new movie, possibly a Lifetime film, will be made on the life and time and hypocrisy of Kim Davis.

Danny Devito is set to star ….
So, rapper 50 Cent is not a fan of Empire … perhaps because, folks say, he produces a similar show on Starz called Power. I watch both, and the only thing the two shows have in common are predominantly black casts, so I don’t get why 50 is pissy about Empire.

But he is; and he proved it by Instagramming a photo of the Empire cast, suggesting that season two is already seeing a ratings decline with his explanation as to why:

“‘There are 3 million less viewers who tuned into last night’s Empire episode!!!! did you watch it? We could not take the extra gay stuff or celebrity stuff last night!!!!’”

Oh, so 50 hates the ‘gay’ stuff? Methinks 50 is a little hot on the ‘gay’ stuff, personally ... because he has dogged Empire ever since it premiered to huge ratings last year calling it “some sh*t you get for free,” as opposed to his premium show, Power,  which is “worth paying for.” 

After people began to bitchslap 50 on social media he deleted that particular Instagram, but posted a new one, directed at Taraji P. Henson, who plays Cookie on Empire:

“Empire’s ratings took a huge hit. Okay I’ll stop now. Cookie call me baby. I’ll tell every body to watch the show for you.” 

But everyone knows you don’t mess with Cookie, who apparently Taraji P. Henson’s Twitter account to shut this thing down:

“I pay attention to $’s not CENTS.”

Advantage: Cookie.
Lastly, the latest edition of Cosmopolitan features the Kardastrophe Klan in all their pinched, tucked, nipped, Botoxed, plumped, dyed, cinched, stretched glory, under the heading “America’s First Family.”

And people are enraged that Cosmo would dare call any family other than the Obama’s by that name, given that the Obama’s are a decent kind loving family thrust into the spotlight because the patriarch is the first African American President, and the Kardastrophes were thrust into the spotlight because Kim can’t keep her legs closed and the camera off and That Woman pimps out her own children for coins.

Just sayin’.


mistress maddie said...

I will say. You and Carlos never have a dull moment. I'm sure if we push hard enough we can get a new reality show featuring you two on next falls tv schedule

Bob Slatten said...

That could be fun!??!

anne marie in philly said...

fiddy is a philly disgrace.

danny de vito - bwhahahahahahahahaha! LOVE IT!

the dogs' mother said...

stay off the roof!!!

Bob Slatten said...

Yes! Agreed!

Will J said...

Did you say or write anything after "ginger hot"?

viktor kerney said...

Kim is a joke, glad she's falling

Mitchell is Moving said...

So much of interest. So glad you talked Carlos down off the roof! And thanks for the update on Kim Davis and the Pope.

Ms Sparrow said...

Danny Devito as Kim Davis? Priceless!