Friday, October 23, 2015

I Didn't Say It ...

Nathan Peterson, the actor in the ‘fourgy’ scene in the premiere episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, on that scene and his new crush, Matt Bomer:

"It was an intense scene. I was there completely naked, I was nervous as hell. I was kind of like intimidated at first. I’m sitting there, Ryan Murphy directing, Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer were right there. Everybody’s naked. I’m so nervous and all three of those people really, really made me feel so comfortable and so at ease. My nervousness really did go away. I have so much respect for Gaga, Ryan and Matt. [Matt’s] a very attractive guy – he’s my new man crush. He’s so cool, so sweet and down to Earth. Really personable."

Um, and Nathan? Lest you forget: Matt Bomer is my husband … in my head.
Rand Paul, future failed presidential candidate, suggesting that gay folks should stay in the closet to avoid getting fired for being gay:

“I think really the things you do in your house, if you could just leave those in your house, they wouldn’t have to be part of the workplace, to tell you the truth. I don’t know that we need to keep adding to different classifications to say the government needs to be involved in hiring and firing. I think society is rapidly changing, and if you are gay, there are plenty of places that will hire you.”

So he says we should stay in the closet or just take jobs where gay people are valued and cannot be fired?
Rand Paul, future failed presidential candidate, suggesting that he didn’t say gay folks should stay in the closet to avoid getting fired for being gay:

 “I don’t think anybody should be fired for being gay. I do also, though, believe that your personal life should be personal and shouldn’t affect anyone firing you. So, I don’t think the decision whether to hire or fire you should be based on things from your personal life. [But] I do worry about a workplace where, every sort of classification of person then becomes something where, 'Oh, I lost my job, maybe then I'll sue because I also happen to be gay.'" 

I wonder if he’d tell that to a Black man who was fired for being Black. Or a woman fired for her gender? A Muslim fired for their faith? Or is it just gay folks that shouldn’t be allowed to sue for wrongful termination.
Jeb — no last name — seemingly laying the blame for 9/11 on both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, but never, ever, never on W:

“Two ways to look at Islamic terrorism: One is a threat that has to be taken out, as it relates to creating a strategy that calls it a war. Or we view it as a law enforcement operation, where people have rights. I think the Clinton administration made a mistake, of thinking bin Laden had to be viewed from a law enforcement perspective. Similarly, President Obama’s policies seem to be focused on that as well.”

So, Clinton blew, and W, who did nothing but take vacations, did the right thing, and then, Obama, the man who took bin Laden out—and remember this was after W said bin Laden was ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive,’ and then a few months later said he wasn’t worried about him—is somehow to blame.
Jeb cannot even get his history straight so he shouldn’t try and rewrite it.
Mat Staver, head of the Liberty Counsel, a hate group, on how Kim Davis did have a private meeting with the Pope because there’s no proof she didn’t:

“The meeting with Kim Davis was unlike the other meetings because it was a private meeting and that’s what we’ve said from the very beginning, and that’s in fact what happened. There are some people that speculated that it must have just been some large group that she was a part of, the Pope certainly may not have known who she was, she just came up and greeted him. And the fact of the matter is, these pictures unequivocally show that that is not true. Because all of meetings where he met with groups of people, on the 24th of September at the Vatican Embassy, are now published. 22 pages of pictures on the Vatican website, and Kim Davis is not in any of those group pictures.”

So, no pictures of Kim and the Pope mean Kim and the Pope met one another?
Give it up, Staver, your wingnut puppet is not a friend of Frankie’s.
Chris Kluwe, former Minnesota Vikings and LGBT ally, writing to Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair about his $10,000 donation to fight Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance [HERO]:

“WHY? Why does the idea of LBGT individuals enjoying the same rights and protections as everyone else fill you with such hatred, such loathing, that you would voluntarily choose to make their lives even more difficult than the prejudice they’ve faced for decades? Are you not aware that trans individuals are nine times more likely to try and kill themselves due to the odiously corrosive social views like the one you’ve just financially enabled? Have you no knowledge of the fact that LBGT youth are far more likely to experience harassment at school and home, leading to depression and ideations of self-harm  —  mostly due to the shortsighted wrongheadedness of privileged narcissists like yourself? I can only imagine you never bothered to research any of this, Bob.”

Bravo, Chris, bravo.


the dogs' mother said...

i agree, bravo chris! :-)

Mitchell is Moving said...

I'll just focus on Nathan, Matt, and Chris. It's hell, I know, but it seems to be my only option.

By the way, I've heard of serial monogamy but never serial husband-in-my-head-gamy.

Bob Slatten said...

"serial husband-in-my-head-gamy"
It's a new thing. I live with it everyday!

anne marie in philly said...

I swear JEB! looks more and more like his idiot brother W every day!

Helen Lashbrook said... thought this might amuse you

Bob Slatten said...

It did.
It does!