Thursday, October 01, 2015

Random Musings

Well, well, well … Monica Lewinsky has crawled out of the slime once again, now that Hillary’s in the news, too. It seems every time Hillary Clinton runs for office, Lewinsky trots out her ‘Woe is me’ tales from the 1990s.

That is so last century.

“Oh, poor me, I f**ked a married man that I knew was married.”
“Oh poor me, I f**ked the President.”

“Oh poor me, I showed him my underwear. I am such an innocent and he took advantage of me.”

Siddown Monica, your story is ridiculous and old and you are not a victim. And if you ever seriously thought the President of the United Sates would leave his wife for you, please remember one thing:

You are not Olivia Pope.
Same-sex couples in Nebraska, however, are being victimized, now that the state Attorney General's office is objecting to a new effort by The American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska to have both same-sex spouses listed as parents on their children's birth certificates.

The ACLU has asked a judge to order state officials to list both spouses on birth certificates, saying that the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has refused to provide married gay couples with birth certificates for their children on the same conditions as married straight couples.

The battle is not over … the march goes on.
On the flip side, by a 9-2 vote, the Anchorage Assembly voted to make it illegal in the city to discriminate over sexual orientation or gender identity, making this new ordinance the first of its kind in Alaska.

Huh ... maybe now Mama Grizzly Bore can see equality from her house, too.
I once had long hair, luxuriously long curly hair. And I wore it in a variety of way. Loose and flowing; in a pony tail; or maybe just the top in a pony, and the rest flowing loose and lovely.

I was too early for the man bun, and, well, now, even though my hair is shorter, it’s still luxurious and lovely and perhaps ready for the newest trend: the man braid.

I need to find someone to do this for me …
So Kim Davis, criminal, met with Pope Frankie while he was here, but the Vatican, and Frankie, tried to keep it on the Down Low. But since Kim doesn’t know when to keep her mouth closed, she broke the story and at first the Vatican neither confirmed nor denied the story; then they opted not to deny it, and now they’re just plain saying it happened.

That’s Pope Frankie. A secret meeting with a woman who swore to God to uphold the laws of this country and when she decides she doesn’t like the laws, opts outbreak them in the name of God.

And Frankie thought this deserved a meeting, albeit a meeting in private. He’s as much a hypocrite and a coward as every other homophobe in the world, only he has a better stylist.

Sidenote: Is it me or do they look a little Separated At Birth? Or maybe it's the idea that all bigots look alike, slack jawed and vacant eyes ....
With the new television season starting there are all kinds of good shows and bad shows, and trash shows, to watch, and some have some delicious man candy, like …

Hot Brit Lucien Laviscount  on Scream Queens, which is a hot mess, sometimes very funny trainwreck of a show, but, yeah, Lucien.

Oh, and they have one Diego Boneta on the show, too.

Then we have Chace Crawford, with eyelashes for days, playing rough and tumble wannabe oil barren on Blood and Oil. It’s soapy and sappy, but, hey, he takes his shirt off, so there’s that, too.

Then we have Hot Daddy James Brolin, playing it for giggles on Life In Pieces. He seems to be having fun playing the patriarch of the family, and I do love a silver fox, you know.
And finally, on the flip side of Man’s Law versus so-called God’s law argument … the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission has agreed to comply with that state’s Supreme Court’s order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the grounds of the state capitol.

The court’s deadline to remove the monument is October 11th and the state says it will be gone by then.



Anonymous said...

I live with a guy with a man bun. You've got to love them.

mistress maddie said...

I like to be trendy and feel I'm up on fashion and this coming from one who had at a time upwards of 26 wigs for drag....but I can't get pass the man bun, and now a braid? Very SfyFy. And I'm bad, I haven't watch any new shows at all. Except I do like PBS's new one Indian Summers. But glad my old returning favorites are all starting.

the dogs' mother said...

this is the first time i've seen the
man braid - youngest could put a couple
in his beard.

anne marie in philly said...

monica is a diry little whore; reminds me of blister palin.

Helen Lashbrook said... thought you might like this silver fox; there are sexier pics out there

Biki Honko said...

Good lord, the GOP has nothing new to offer at all! Drag old Monica out of her hibernation chamber to weep and wail about sex with the Pres. Smear Hillary with anything, and the bombshell that the entire Benghazi kerfuffle was all smoke and mirrors.

if only the GOP voters would wake the hellz up!

The Anchorage ENDA ordinance is like all the new ones hobbled with religious exemptions, and the far right loony toons are already gearing up to smash it down. I think the far right will win the day on this one.