Friday, October 02, 2015

PR 14 Ep 9: The One Where Laurie Goes Nipple Pad Crazy ... Again

Okay, so what was with the fire bell, or was it a school alarm? Not to mention the mock surprise of the designtestants at finding an iPad on their kitchen counter? I mean, can just anyone sneak into their rooms and they don’t hear a sound? And what was with the schoolroom set-up? It was all a bit “try hard” and made no sense because, in the workroom, the designtestants meet with Tim Gun and JustFab Fashion Director Yuchin Mao, who explains that JustFab has expanded beyond accessories and into apparel game.

And what that has to do with bells and schoolhouses I do not know. But the challenge this week is to create a look based on a specific style persona — Trendsetter, Bombshell, Girl Next Door, Modern Classic, Femme Nouveau — that can be manufactured and sold on the JustFab website; and the winning look will be made and sold online, an added bonus!

Candice, as the winner of the last challenge, picks her style persona first and then assigns the rest to her competitors; she gets points for not playing a game and giving designers a style persona outside their aesthetic.

They have $100 — and another trip to Mood — and one day to finish their looks, though in the midst of the challenge, Tim tosses in a very small monkeywrench: for some kinda nonsense reason — other than to promote Brother products — the designtestants must create a brand name for themselves, design the logo and have it printed on a t-shirt they will wear on the runway.

Like I said, it made no sense, so let’s just rip …
She’s thinking outside the box, but thinking of way to many ideas. There are lapels and peplums and studs and black-and-white, and stripes and piping, which Tim really hates.

Her brand name is Cuoco because, well, it’s her name.

This is just pushing things that are uncomfortable

That wacky peplum made the models hips look huge, and Steven Tyler wears fewer scarves.

LIKE: Nina liked the idea, but hated the overabundance of lapel/scarves; still, she thought the look was edgy and cool. Zac loved the details, and the studs, on the coat, but thought the peplum skirt was badly placed. Heidi liked that it was a new silhouette she hadn’t seen before.

HATE: Guest judge Yuchin Mao hated the lapel-scarves, liked the skirt, but thought there were too many elements, while fellow guest judge Ciara felt the peplum was too big-booty.
Kelly basically decided to design what she normally wears: a kind of nineties workout wear—though she called it a jumpsuit—topped by a furry vest. I say Sonny and Cher were the last people to really rock a furry vest. And Tim agrees, dubbing it Muppet Bathmat, though he does like that Kelly is being Kelly.

Her brand name is Rack Addict, which either means it’s all about the boobs or the clothes rack.

I love the chances I took.

It looks so sporty, so why the boxy yellow purse; and the colors are so dirty and drab when Kelly herself rocks a lot of neon.

LIKE: Heidi liked it, and loved the mix of prints. Ciara wasn’t sure, but thought it was a good effort and thought a lot of girls would like it. Yuchin thought it cute but too junior. [Sidenote: ‘Junior’ is almost as bad as ‘Matronly’.]

HATE: Zac shrieked that she’d killed Cookie Monster, and then tried to pay with the vest; he also said there was no innovation. Nina hated it and called it clownish and bathmat-like, and said only nine-year-old girls would like it.
Girl Next Door
She wasn’t keen on getting Girl Next Door, though she didn’t have a clue as to what her style persona might be; Ashley is all self-doubt … again. She opts for a gold pleather motorcycle jacket over a dress in what must be described as a hideously dull print; Tim called it ‘hospital gown.’ Luckily, she redesigned it — though sadly in the same print — into a flirty skirt and crop top.

Her brand name is Ashley Neil Tipton. Yawn.

I made three pieces … a good JustFab product.

But two of the pieces are in that hideous print.

Like: Heidi likes it, and says it’s cute. She loves the three pieces but isn’t fond of the print. Ciara isn’t fond of the jacket, for herself, but loves the skirt and top.

HATE: Zac is disappointed, and says the look is unoriginal. Nina agrees with Zac though she loves the jacket, as does Yuchin, who says JustFab could sell the crap outta that coat. When she asks to see the look without the coat, even Nina is amazed that the skirt and top are cute; she tells Ashley that she really needs to show her looks and sell them.
Instantly he thinks ‘Jessica Rabbit’ and instantly I think ‘from the 80s’? Of course he won’t do Jessica Rabbit in red, because that’s too expected; he’ll do something different … in leopard. I know! Tim tells him he’s designed something that is already on the market but Swapnil is not to be deterred.

His brand name was also his name. Sigh.

It’s looking elegant, sexy … bold.

I think it looks like a leopard in a white tortoise shell. And I hate the white straps on the back.

LIKE: Yuchin liked the dress, but said the odd shawl thing would never sell. Ciara also liked it but thought it should be simplified … by losing the shawl. Heidi thought it rocked the bombshell and loved the bare back.

HATE: Nina hated the shawl and the butt flap—used to cover up a mistake in the zipper—and begged Swapnil to learn to edit. Zac said he was growing tired of Swapnil and that was nothing new, though it was tacky and hooker-y and side-boob-y.
The Adorable Edmond™ was also disappointed with the persona Candice chose for him; he wanted Trendsetter, though he failed to notice it was already taken … twice. He chooses a print, and when Tim questions it, The Adorable Edmond™ says he wants to do a bombshell who decides to go classy. Tim says that he’s not following the challenge and The Adorable Edmond™ scraps the print and grabs some stretchy red fabric and … bombshell.

His brand name is Edmond Newton. I suggest The Adorable Edmond Newton With The Great Guns though that might be too long for a label?

This look says a lot.

It’s pretty simple, nothing new, but that model bombshelled the hell outta that dress.

LIKE: Heidi liked it and said it perfectly fit into the style persona. Nina also said it was perfect to sell online, calling it sexy; however, she hated the styling of the model. Ciara agreed, and said every woman would want that dress, while Yuchin said he nailed the style persona and that it was definitely marketable.

HATE: Zac was not a fan—perhaps it’s because The Adorable Edmond™ has taken ‘The Adorable’ title away from him this season—though he called it polished.
Modern Classic
Laurie says she’s gonna win this week, and so she opts to do a sheath dress? Huh? What? When asks if she’s seen a sheath dress before, she says, ‘Not like this.’ What does that even mean? In the end, she runs out of fabric, and so she borrows some from Candice — was it nice of Candice or does she think Laurie’s no competition — and makes a flouncy organza top.

Her brand name is Wanda Grace; Wanda is her middle name and grace is, well, grace, I guess.

I like the shape, color and construction.

It’s nothing.

LIKE: Heidi said it was a polished look, but again called out Laurie for sending the model down the runway in a sheer top that exposes her nipple pads. Laurie says something about a see-thru strap less bra she meant to use and no one understands that excuse. Ciara also liked it, though that’s not high praise is it?

HATE: Zac called it hooker-wear with the bare boobs shown again; he called the skirt basic, and the top not functional and uninspired. Yuchin liked the skirt, but really, it’s just a pencil skirt. Nina said the look was editorial but not sellable, and wondered if Laurie actually listened to the challenge parameters.
Femme Nouveau
Merline is excited to do Femme Nouveau and then tried to change what that means. She opts for an all-white look that Tim worries will Auf her if not done immaculately; he also worries that it’s too much, with a skirt, a detachable skirt at that, worn over a dress. He begs Merline to edit and rethink, and she does and runs out of time.

Her brand name is not her name; it’s Provokestyle. That’s the best thing she’s did last night.

I can see everything that’s wrong with this.

A sheer top, with a hole in the back and a lopsided skirt: futuristic mental hospital nurse.

LIKE: Zac liked the concept but admitted that the finishing was awful. Ciara also liked it a little, but felt Merline missed Femme Nouveau.

HATE: Heidi wondered, again, if Merline can even sew, while Yuchin said it was neither Femme Nouveau nor sellable at JustFab. Nina muttered something about having seen enough of the peplum and the asymmetry and the apron.
Zac wanted The Adorable Edmond™ to win, though he said he wasn’t so keen on the look. Yuchin and Nina also wanted The Adorable Edmond™ on the top — who doesn’t, I might add? Heidi and Ciara thought Ashley should take it home.

Nina wants Kelly gone, while Zac is tired of Swapnil not fulfilling his promises; he also suggests Merline. Heidi thinks Merline or Laurie should go, while Ciara picks Laurie and Yuchin selects Merline to be Auf’d.

So … The Adorable Edmond™ gets the win and Laurie goes home.
Merline, chatternboxing about Femme Nouveau: "Does romantic have to be soft? Could it be hard? Could it be hardcore? Could it be intense?"

I am growing bored with Swapnil who seems to think he doesn’t have to challenge himself or listen to anyone and he’ll get to The Tents. Not gonna happen, Swappy.

Ashley needs to find her confidence and learn to sell her work, and stand behind it, or she’ll end up Auf’d.

The Adorable Edmond™. Oh dear, in at-shirt, guns a’blazing. Seriously, so adorable, and it’s my blog and I’ll keep saying it. I do think he lucked out this week; his dress was hot, but oh so simple, while Ashley’s jacket at least was just fabulous.

The Tents? The Adorable Edmond™. Candice. The last spot, or spots, are up for grabs.

Next week Tim goes F-bombing. Designers beware.

What did YOU think? 


Mark in DE said...

After week 2 of Laurie's sloppy, unfinished, over-exposed designs, she had BETTER be sent home or I'd flip out.

I liked Ashley's and Edmond's designs this week and would have been happy with either of them winning this week.

Next to be aufed: Merline.

the dogs' mother said...

without all the extra stuff it was a worthy
challenge as close to real world as they can
get. was hoping to hear more about the methods
of production and which design would work best.
did you see the paris(?) fashion week of models
wearing models? felt so sorry for the poor gals
hanging upside down. nuts! laughed too much for
my shoulder.
thanks, as always, for the recap!

Susan said...

I agree Laurie had to go, but that dress of Merline's was a mess. And didn't she design something very similar her first week out? As for Ashley, who does have talent, I felt her outfit was again, something I have almost seen from her before.

Biki Honko said...

Swapnil is adorable, but man he needs to step his game up a zillion percent. It's almost as if he zoned out on Valium, dude is totally sleep walking.

The Adorable Edmond™, well I sorta thought his dress was a bore. Zac had it right, totally a been there, seen that dress.

I loved Ashley's jacket, it was perfection, if only she hadn't of picked such sad fabric to go under it.

I'll miss Laurie because she is sweet and kind, but she needs to work on who she is as a designer.

Candice has talent, but she beginning to wear on me, too smug. She KNEW she had won, and that look when TAD™ won was pure envy.

Merline or Kelly is next on the chopping block.