Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Bigot Bakers Are 'Kim Davis-ing' A Court Order to Pay $135,000 Fine For Discrimination

I kinda suspected that once Kim Davis became a criminal, by refusing to follow the rule of law because, she says, the Bible made her do it, that it wouldn’t be long before other idiots followed suit.

And now, two of the biggest idiots — Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon Bigot Bakers and owners of Sweetcakes by Melissa — are taking a page from the Kim Davis Playbook; the part of the book that says it doesn’t matter what the law says, do whatever the Baby Jeebus whispered in your ears.

A simple back story: the Klein’s are bakers, they bake cakes; they were asked to bake a cake for a same-sex couple’s wedding and they refused because the Baby Jeebus doesn’t like The Gays — at least that was their excuse. So, the Klein’s, rather than bake, and sell and make a profit from, a cake, closed up shop. But the same-sex couple sued for discrimination and last July the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries [BOLI] ordered the Klein’s to pay $135,000 to that same-sex couple, Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer.

But Aaron and Melissa have, for the last three months, deified defied the court order and are refusing to pay. In that same time, their attorney has twice requested a stay while the Oregon Court of Appeals considers the Klein's case, saying that the payment of the $135, 000 would financially ruin the Klein’s.

BOLI Commissioner Brad Avakian rejected those requests mainly because Aaron and Melissa have raised a half-million dollars on a crowd-funding website so their claims of “financial ruin” are, quite simply, a lie, since they would actually not be out of pocket one dime to pay the judgment. There have been attempts by BOLI to work with the Klein’s, but the Klein’s, through their attorneys, have refused.

So, while they didn’t bake the cake, they’ve made some $500,000 for nothing, and are still refusing to follow the rule of law, and a court order.

Hypocrites, bigots, liars and thieves.

And the irony is that the people who probably donated to the Klein’s plight are most likely conservative Republicans who, for the most part, who are against the idea of handouts. And yet they’ve given money to the Klein’s to help with the case, to pay their legal fees and court costs, but the Klein’s are just living off that cash.

Sounds like a form of welfare to me. But I guess the Baby Jeebus that the Klein’s believe in doesn’t have a problem with that.
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the dogs' mother said...

have been interesting to watch our next door neighbor
Oregon and their case and to compare it to our local
case with the florist (Arlene's). She is currently
fighting her $2k and one dollar fine and still has
her business up and running. Also enjoyed an infusion
of cash and another aclu court case.
not sure if there was a choice of our ag to levy a
bigger fine ala oregon.

Ms Sparrow said...

It galls me to think that the hard-nosed, hardhearted Davis was given a private meeting with the pope! I would hope that he doesn't start giving aid and comfort to all those sanctimonious anti-gay jerks out there!

anne marie in philly said...

pay the fine and STFU, asshats!

Helen Lashbrook said...

I assume the deified is not a typo but a very witty pun

Bob Slatten said...

:::sigh::: I'm not that witty! And Spellcheck wasn't very helpful.

Biki Honko said...

Toss these half baked fools in jail until they pay up. I am sick of them. Even sicker of Kim.

And did you notice that the hurricane was a heading for the landfall until el pope left? maybe god is all that fired up about his prince after all?