Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jennifer Jin Will Protest Campus Open Carry Gun Law By Openly Carrying A Dildo

Students at the University of Texas in Austin are calling their protest a "strap in" although it’s also known as “Cocks, Not Glocks.” 

See, next year, on August 1st, a new bill in Texas — S.B. 11, AKA the “Campus Carry” law — goes into effect. It was, naturally, passed by the Republican state legislature and signed into law by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, and will allow people who are licensed to carry a concealed firearm to legally carry their weapon on college campuses.

Yes, it’s ridiculous; in the aftermath of that school shooting in Oregon, Texas will welcome guns onto college campuses. But, in an effort to highlight the stupidity of such a law, University of Texas at Austin student Jessica Jin [left] has started her own protest of sorts.

She wants like-minded students — those who believe guns have no place on a college campus — to take a stand against the proliferation of guns by openly carrying … wait for it … dildos on campus, even though, according to university rules and Texas law, it could get them expelled or even arrested. 

Yup. A dildo gets you arrested, but a gun is just fine and dandy.

From the University of Texas rules:
Subchapter 13–200. Prohibited Expression: Sec. 13–201. Obscenity
"No person or organization will distribute or display on the campus any writing or visual image, or engage in any public performance, that is obscene. A writing, image, or performance is “obscene” if it is obscene as defined in Texas Penal Code, Section 43.21 or successor provisions, and is within the constitutional definition of obscenity as set forth in decisions of the United States Supreme Court."
From the Texas Criminal Code:
(a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly displays or distributes an obscene photograph, drawing, or similar visual representation or other obscene material and is reckless about whether a person is present who will be offended or alarmed by the display or distribution.
(b) An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor." (A Class C misdemeanor in punishable by up to a $500 fine)*
Jessica hopes her protest will make voters think — and, yes, I know it’s Texas, but even down there some folks have rational minds — about how insane it is to allow students, and teachers and administrators, to carry weapons onto a college campus, but the mere act of carrying a concealed dildo, or god forbid, openly carrying a dildo, can get you arrested.
"The State of Texas has decided that it is not at all obnoxious to allow deadly concealed weapons in classrooms, Jessica writes, "however it DOES have strict rules about free sexual expression, to protect your innocence. You would receive a citation for taking a DILDO to class before you would get in trouble for taking a gun to class." — Jennifer Jin
And there’s even a Facebook page readying for the Campus (Dildo) Carry protest, which has been given its own hashtag: #CocksNotGlocks, and so next year, as students return to campuses across the state and the new open carry law goes into effect, students and supporters are asked to “strap on” a dildo and head to class.

And Jessica knows that students can get arrested for this protest — as ludicrous as it sounds — and has warned people to participate at their own risk, though she also says:
“[Can] you imagine the gong show that would be [University of Texas Police Dept/Austin Police Dept.] trying to chase down thousands of students wielding harmless dildos around campus?"
And with interested in the event growing each day, Jessica is looking into securing the sponsorship of a major dildo manufacturer. 
"I know that quality dildos, especially super large ones, can be a little pricey. If we can gather enough willing participants, I will personally take it upon myself to put in the time and legwork to find a dildo supplier sponsorship."
The gun carry advocates, true to form, have taken to name calling and threats in the comment section of the event page, but Jessica won’t remove them, saying she thinks the comments would be instructive to show exactly what kind of people want guns in schools:
"You're carrying a gun to class? Yeah well I'm carrying a HUGE DILDO. Just about as effective at protecting us from sociopathic shooters, but much safer for recreational play." 
 I cannot wait for this protest; a sea of dildos, in backpacks and book bags and purses and briefcases and pockets everywhere.

#CocksNotGlocks. Loving it.


the dogs' mother said...

oh. my....
i read an article about the oregon shooting -
one fellow did have a gun on campus. when the shooting started
he decided not to go after the gunman. his reasoning was he
was concerned that when the police arrived on campus he would
be mistaken for the bad guy gunman.

Jennifer said...

I love this!!!

Michael Dodd said...

Of course, Texas already has a bunch of dildos running around in public in the legislature that is passing legislation like this.
I'm sorry, was not that civil?

Bob Slatten said...

A brilliant point that most gun nuts overlook.

Me, too.

Perfectly civil ... and true.

Brewella Deville said...

This is just an absolutely stunning example of creativity and genius wrapped up in one simple package (so to speak).

Sadie J said...

I love this! "much safer for recreational play"-- genius!

Bob Slatten said...

A Fabulous Mind for this one!

It's a whole new kind of, um, "target" practice?

anne marie in philly said...

you go girl! at least a dildo speaks "love", a gun speaks "h8".

Helen Lashbrook said...

And how warped do you have to be as a parent to say you feel your child is safer carrying a gun rather than a dildo? I know which I'd rather my child carried and it ain't an item designed and built to kill.

Anonymous said...

She needs a cock in her mouth.

Bob Slatten said...

You're projecting, dear.