Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Man Wants To Be President, Part 1: Scott Walker

Scott Walker is a hypocrite; what he wants for himself far outweighs what he wants for the people of his state, and if … if … he was to become President, does anyone really think he’d so anything differently?

Case in point: recently Wisconsin Republican lawmakers, of course, announced they were rejecting raises for state troopers, and the Governor Walker’s administration responded by giving a $4-an-hour raise to each of the State Patrol officers … responsible for protecting Governor Scott Walker.

That’s right; the state troopers that protect and serve the people of Wisconsin do not deserve a raise, but the troopers that ravel with the governor get that bump in pay.
A bump that costs the state about $36,500 and comes at a time when Walker is more often than not out of the state in what clearly is an attempt to set himself up as a candidate for president next year.

To be fair, the Walker administration had negotiated a 17% pay raise for state troopers that the GOP controlled Legislature refused to give, and yet Walker has said nothing about it; nor has he said a word about that separate pay raise for the troopers belonging to the State Patrol's Dignitary Protection Unit who are responsible for protecting Walker 24 hours a day.
Still, it makes Walker look like a hypocrite by letting the raise for most state troopers be denied while pushing his own plan — which did not require legislative approval — through for his personal security detail.

And in an apparent bid to stave off the Hypocrisy label, Walker's outgoing Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch told the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee that the raises made sense for taxpayers because the officers in question would no longer receive overtime payments; he said the raises would actually lower costs.

Hours later, the State Patrol contradicted that by saying costs would actually rise slightly.

Of course, denying raises for state employees in Wisconsin is nothing new: four years ago most other state workers saw their take-home pay cut and then received two 1% annual pay raises — on a base salary of $35,000 a year, that’s a $350 a year raise, or less than a dollar a day.

But Scott Walker isn’t worried about that; he’s got state troopers, with a new raise in their pockets, to protect him.


the dogs' mother said...

It's the Silly Season again right?

viktor kerney said...

Nope, he will never be president

anne marie in philly said...

nope, nope, nope - most of WI can't stand this SOB!

Biki Honko said...

How many sides of his mouth can he talk out of at once? Damn, how on earth did this fella get elected, twice!