Thursday, March 19, 2015

Random Musings

This actually happened: picture it, Smallville, 2015; Carlos and I are driving down the road and this conversation occurs:

Carlos: “What was that show we liked?”
Bob: “Which one?”
Carlos: “I don’t know. It was funny …”
Bob: “A comedy?”
Carlos: “Not really, but, we like Kathy Griffin …”
Bob: “Was Kathy Griffin in it?”
Carlos: “No.”
Bob: “Then why are you mentioning her?”
Carlos: ‘We like her and the show reminds me of her.”
Bob: “So, is it funny?”
Carlos: “No. Kind of. Not really.”
Bob: “Who’s in it? [He doesn’t know] What’s it about? [He doesn’t remember] Is it on cable? [He’s not sure] Then I can’t help you.”
Carlos: “Whatever.”

So down there in Florida, the House of Representatives just erases language banning gay adoption from its laws!

Big step, right? Woo hoo, right?

Um, not exactly see, the court ruled that banning gay adoption was illegal five years ago but Florida legislators just now got around d to rewording the law. The full bill still needs a House vote, but it has wide support; the Senate and Governor Rick Scott would then also have to approve it before the gay-adoption language is deleted from law.

But Florida Republicans, via House Speaker Steve Crisafulli want you to know that they aren’t fans of The Gays adopting:

"Philosophically, I've never really been there on that, but I'm somebody who operates under the letter of the law. I recognize that this has been taking place for five years, so our bill is going to reflect that."

What he means is that, while most Republicans are still against gay couples adopting children, they're just acknowledging they must abide by the law … five years after it was changed.
So, um, Alaska’s most famous unwed mother, Bristol Palin, is getting married. Palin announced the engagement on social media because, well, that’s how the Palin’s roll.

Her future husband is Sgt Dakota Meyer.

So … she’ll be Bristol Meyer.

I’m dying.
And I’m dying over this:

Matt Bomer, my Husband-In-My-Head, whom I watched regularly on White Collar before it ended its run last fall, is returning to TV in, wait for it, American Horror Story: Hotel!
Bomer and AHS. I’m dying.

Plus, fellow hottie, and also fellow openly gay actor, Cheyenne Jackson, is also joining the show next season.

Well, some good news out of Oklahoma … a bill introduced to the Oklahoma State House by wacknut Representative, and Republican, Sally Kern that would have legalized anti-LGBT therapy died without coming to a vote.

Now, if Oklahoma could get its act together on other LGBT issues … and get Kern out of office … well, that would be great.
I love Broadchurch, a mystery on BBC America. I began watching last year and while I enjoyed it, it seemed to move a little too slow.

Now it’s back, with a continuation of last year’s story, with a totally new story thrown in.
What hasn’t changed is that Andrew Buchan, left, and Jonathan Bailey, right, are still on the show and are giving me a healthy dose of Man Candy with my murder mystery, court case drama.

[photo credit: BuchanBailey]
Some funny stuff happened at a panel for American Horror Story: Freak Show—besides the Bomer casting news. Jessica Lange once again confirmed that she will not be returning to the series:

 “Yes, I’m done. We’ve had a great run here. I mean, I absolutely love doing these four characters, and in all the madness, I love the writers and Ryan (Murphy) and the insanity of shooting it.”

But the best part was when someone in the audience asked Lange if Lady Gaga joining the cast might make her want to return for another season and she said:

“What does that mean?”

Nothing beats Jessica Lange shade.


Sadie J said...

Ah, so many good musings! Too much to comment on, except I just watched Broadchurch last weekend and loved it (Tennant fan, here), glad they are bringing it back!

the dogs' mother said...

Sounds like our conversation last night - where is Tunsia? I don't know. Is by Lebanon? I don't know where it is. Is it by Iraq? I don't know where it is. Is it by Egypt? I don't know where it is. Let me stop making dinner and look it up on google....

mistress maddie said...

That opening musing made me spray my drink, and I'm more than certain you two need a show. I can only imagine crickets followed that conversation from you end!!!!!! I love Bomer and Cheyenne has always got my kitty purring. Still not should on Gaga? Can she even act? Or will she be a prop?

Susan said...

Bob, your routines with Carlos are always a riot. I've watched every episode of Broadchurch and yes, this season is already so good. David Tennant, yum! Love the new banner. I also liked the one you only showed for one day, before this one. :)

Biki Honko said...

Years ago I was cooking supper, when a frustrated TH yelled for me to come into the living room. Eldest was there and TH's eyes had that glazed OMG look. Turns out Eldest couldn't remember the name of a movie.
TH moaned,"All he knows is there was a guy with a white shirt!"

Me thinking for a moment then asked Eldest, "Risky Business"?

Eldest tossed his hands in the air, shouted YES!, looking quite relieved, thanked me and looped up the stairs.

TH, "How in the hell did you know that?"

"Du! He's wearing a white SHIRT!"

Do you have netflix? Is the show Carlos is thinking of "Unbreakable"?

Debbie said...

Your conversations with Carlos crack me the hell up! I CAN SO RELATE!

Mitchell is Moving said...

As you know, I DO feel your pain.. San Geraldo have conversations like that all the time. We should put Carlos and San Geraldo in a car TOGETHER!

As for Dolce\Gabbana, I've been "boycotting" them ever since I was in one of their stores and joined others scrounging through a mass of balled-up, ragged clothing on a table to find a mess of a sweater marked DOWN to $450. I agree that their most recent statements are offensive and idiotic (and shameful). But they don't deserve anyone's business in the first place!

Bob Slatten said...

We don't NetFlix, and the show he was speaking of? The name came to him three days later: Devious Maids.

Carlos and San Geraldo in a car together? My head is starting to explode ... from laughter.

Biki Honko said...

Whew! I'm glad he figured it out. I just thought red hair, and the show is funny/not funny and she sorta does remind me of Kathy. I bet you'd love the show, it might be worth a marathon watch if Netflix does a free trial thingy soon.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Is it me or does the Bristol look like the Kash Kow? Was TGM having it off with the KKK daddy?

Kyle Leach said...

Your Bob and Carlos stories are always awesome. We need to get you and agent and you need to get on writing a Bob and Carlos book. You'd make a fortune.