Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: Industrial Vintage In Spain

I don't know much about this home, located in Madrid, other than it is industrial, eclectic, futuristic, retro, kinda of indoors and outdoors, with all the plants, and that I love its sense of urban chic and rusticity. I also know that it belongs to Spanish actor Gustavo Salmerón who is quite dashing.

For his home, Salmerón opted for a warehouse-junkyard feel, with contrasting trends of vintage furniture, industrial detailing, the latest appliances and lots and lots of green plants. The color comes mainly from the furniture and the lighting with the walls staying unpainted grey concrete; the original steel beams were preserved and are the focus of the kitchen, while the natural light from the ceiling in the living room plays off the 70’s disco ball in the dining area and the colorful staircase on wheels.

Salmerón designed the entire home using reclaimed materials and plenty of imagination, since he bought it “as is”, completely unfinished. He invented the kitchen from scratch, created a second level where there was none and polished the concrete floors.  It’s a great open and transparent space with permeable natural light that extends throughout.

He was inspired by the fantastic stories of Jules Verne, in which the recovered metals, old and rusty, abound, but Salmerón also used lots of wood and lots of second-hand, customized materials for the fireplaces, stoves, panels, faucets and other craft items.

It’s fabulous, and kinda hot, like its owner.

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mistress maddie said...

Well this certainly is different. At first glance I thought that was marijuana plants in the toilet area. Talk about convenience!!!! This place look like its waiting for Lady Kier to show up singing Dewdrops in the Garden.