Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: Church Conversion

I love a good church; oh, not what goes on inside most churches, but the actual buildings themselves. Most are so ornate and inspiring and thoughtful, and when they are shuttered as houses of worship and then turned into something useful ... a nightclub, condos, a private home ... I find them gorgeous.

This one is in London, and while it retains the old windows and beams and rafters, the renovations have turned it into a sleek and sexy home.

Now that's worth worshipping.

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via HomeDSGN


mistress maddie said...

Boy, you sure do know how to wet a boy appetite! This is gorgeous....loving the window features. And the best part, if the Mistress were to live there, just think.....Holy Communion parties on Sundays and wet boy baptisms in the tub!!!!!!!! Of course you two would be invited. I also love your redecorating Bob🍸

Biki Honko said...

I love the spaces, and the white to unify the spaces, but I found the furniture choice to be jarring.

Mitchell is Moving said...

What an incredible space. I've wanted to live in a "re-invented" church ever since I saw "Alice's Restaurant."