Friday, March 06, 2015

Photo of the Week: Travelin' Light

Photographer Martin Le-May and his wife, were walking in Hornchurch Country Park near London when they came across the unusual sight: a small weasel appearing to ride on a woodpecker. Le-May said the weasel was actually attacking the bird, and the woodpecker was in a struggle for its life with the unwanted passenger, but not before Le-May could snap the picture ...

... and post it to Twitter where is was reTweeted thousands of times. 

The picture has inspired numerous tribute images, including one that Photoshopped a shirtless Russian President Vladimir Putin riding atop the weasel as it rode on the woodpecker.

Sidenote #1: Le-May says the woodpecker was able to land and escape; the weasel was alst seen scurrying off to the US Congress.

Sidenote #2: Though we won't be traveling by woodpecker, Carlos and I are off to Miami for a few days. I have some preplanned posts and we'll be taking the laptop with us, so you may hear from me before we return home next Friday.

Have a great weekend ... and week!
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anne marie in philly said...

have a great trip!

the dogs' mother said...

It is warm there in Miami.... have a good time. :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

Saw this on Beeb, but without delightful pic of Vlad the Putrid. From the same source thought this might interest you

Enjoy your trip; who looks after the cats and dog while you are away?

Bob Slatten said...

We have a lady who comes into watch the house and feed the kiddies.