Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Arkansas Businesses Stand Against Discrimination

While Georgia politicians cheated their way into pushing forward anti-gay legislation, Arkansas is one step ahead of them, already allowing people to discriminate because … Jesus.

But many businesses in Arkansas aren’t too keen on discrimination, and some, in Little Rock, specifically, are taking an outward stand against so-called ‘religious liberty” as discrimination by posting a small decal in their windows that reads:
"We serve and hire equally."
Two men, Josh Wilhelmi, who owns Game Goblins in Little Rock, and Ed David, owner of The Faded Rose, are among 100 businesses using the sticker to symbolize their stance on House Bill 1228, a movement that has been going for about a week.
"We're really going against the principles that our nation was founded on [with this bill]" — Josh Wilhelmi
"The only people we discriminate against are bad actors. I know what a bitter feeling it is when somebody turns you away and I just swore I'd never do that." — Ed David
Cathey Shoshone, the woman behind the sticker, says if businesses don’t want to serve the Gays, The Gays will go elsewhere. She manufactures the stickers from her home and delivers them to stores that have expressed interest.
"People in the LGBT community think that a lot of Arkansas is not pleased with them and it is important for businesses to say 'no, no, no. We don't care about [your sexual orientation], we want your business, we want everybody's business." — Cathey Shoshone
Arkansas Representative, and republican, of course, Bob Ballinger who sponsored HB1228, says it wasn’t created with the LGBT community in mind, saying religious beliefs have just as much of a right to be protected as anything else.

But, Bob, you fool , when people use this bill to deny services to another person based on their sexual orientation, then they are using your bill as a way to legally discriminate, so stop fronting.

I don’t think Jesus would like people turning folks away from their stores and business just because someone is gay.
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the dogs' mother said...

(Canadian teacher insisted that we pronounce Arkansas - AR-Kansas.
She discriminated against half Americans :-)

Money is money, commerce is commerce, world without end, amen.

anne marie in philly said...

little rock - 1950s segregation, we want to repeat this crap with the LGBTQ community? I THINK NOT!

BloggerJoe said...

The same thing happened in Arizona. Local businesses knew what the impact of that type of bill would be so they made certain ahead of time that everyone knew who they'd serve. One pizza parlor a few blocks from us put up a sign that misguided and prejudiced politicians wouldn't be served.

viktor kerney said...

something good is coming from Arkansas

Biki Honko said...

Best idea ever. And if you only shopped at those stores, where possible, it should begin to hurt the ones without the stickers, and hopefully an honest push would occur to get the stupid state to rescind this law.