Saturday, March 14, 2015

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

LeAnn Rimes is pissing off her fan … okay … fans, by canceling a series of concerts recently claiming to be too sick to perform.

But a series of social media slip-ups … by LeAnn, who is addicted to social media … show that she was actually partying with her husband because she’s afraid that if she goes away he’ll cheat on her … like he did with his first wife; oh, and like she did with her first husband.

LeAnn first sparked outrage by backing out of her show at the Cold Country Casino at the last minute, and then canceled the following night’s show at the Primm Valley Resort in Las Vegas.

But her followers didn’t buy her excuse because on the day of her second cancellation, LeAnn Tweeted about enjoying Mexican food and margaritas.

Oops. She really shouldn’t cancel shows because once she finds Eddie cheating … and let’s be clear, he’ll cheat … and she dumps his ass, he’ll sue for spousal support and she’ll be needing the coins.
With the ongoing Brian Williams Is A Big Fat Liar mess going on at NBC, shark Katie Couric is circling the network looking for her old job back but … sources say, “Katie is not welcome back at the ‘Today’ show.”

Couric began looking for her comeback at NBC when her former boss Andrew Lack, who helped make her a star at “Today,” was returning as chairman of NBC News and MSNBC. It is ALLEGED that with Lack in charge, and Katie as his favorite lapdog, she’d replace Williams at the NBC Nightly News desk.

All well and good, but if the evening gig doesn’t pan out, don’t look for many people to be happy is she returns to Today — especially not Matt Lauer. It seems, according to ‘the source’ — who may be Lauer himself — that “there’s still a lot of people at the show who worked with her back in the day, and she wasn’t very nice to work with, especially toward the end.”

Katie, for her part, is saying nothing, except she’s also saying everything, via spokesman:

“Katie has a longstanding friendship with Andy and has great respect for him and her former NBC colleagues. She wishes them all great success going forward, but she remains excited and focused on working with her team at Yahoo on her many interviews and projects.”

Uh huh. Katie will be heading back to NBC and Williams will be working in the mailroom, and Lauer will have to return the NBC helicopter and drive in to work like a regular Joe.
The Old Kate is back!  Kate Moss, that is; the 41-year-old supermodel was out partying — nothing new, considering her nickname, CoKate — with BFF Lady Gaga last week when Kate lost it and lunged at a photographer who dared take her picture.

A disheveled Moss and Gaga were headed into the posh Club Haussmann when paparazzi began snapping away, and that’s when Moss lost it. She spun on her heels, furrowed her brow and attacked a photographer, grabbing his coat sleeve as she tried to swing on him.

That’s when Gaga’s entourage intervened, and pried Moss’ hands off the photographer.

Here’s the deal: if you act in public in a way that embarrasses Lady Gaga and make her lose her poker face, then you know you’re out of control.
Chris Brown knocked up some random girl and now is a father ... I believe that’s a sign of the apocalypse.

Apparently Chris found out about his 9-month-old daughter Royalty by Nia Guzman last month and quickly offered the Baby Mama more money than she would have received in child support for the promise of never ever speaking about this again because Brownie didn’t want anyone to find out he was a father.

Lovely man, though I’d be more about his daughter finding out that he’s her father.

Unfortunately … or fortunately, if you love gossip … someone in the know began talking and now the story is everywhere, even causing Chris’s former flame, Karrueche Tran, to bolt. And Chris is sure the big mouth is Nia, angling for a lifetime of more coins and more coins, so now he’s talking with a lawyer about creating a child support order which means Mia won’t be rolling in Brown dough for the rest of her life.

And, to make matters uglier fort all involved, Nia’s ex-husband, Terry Avery — who was married to Nia from 2003 to 2014 and was separated from her when she got knocked-up by Brownie — has decided to get involved by threatening Brown if his World Famous Temper, and habit of hitting women and throwing furniture and rocks, continues with Nia and the baby.

Last we heard, though, Little Royalty was angling for Canadian citizenship since our neighbors to the North refuse to let Brown across the border.

Finally, a smart woman in Chris Brown’s life.
In Kray Kray Kanye news: last week Kanye West was actually invited to speak at Oxford University in England and said this:

“Clothing should be like food. There should never be a $5000 sweater. You know what should cost $5000? A car.”

This from the man who “designed” and sold a $120.00 plain white t-shirt.

This from the man who recently unveiled the pricing information from Kanye’s “fashion” collection for Adidas and, well, it’s a car … in costs.

“Entry level” pieces like hoodies and sweatshirts start at $420; sweaters range from $860 to $1600; outerwear starts at $1700 and goes up to $3800; shoes start at $200.

How does he manage to look like a hypocrite every time he speaks?

One minute it’s talk of clothing being accessible, and then he unveils a line of really hideous garments that most of his fans can’t afford. In fact, only his wife seems interested in wearing what he designs and probably only because she gets them for free.
Sometimes reporting the gossip with a healthy dose of snark gets tiring. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am overflowing with snark, so I’m thankful for the outlet, but every once in a while, I need a good story … and if it’s about a hot guy, or a couple of hot guys, well, even better.

A few months ago, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made a Super Bowl bet. Pratt — a Seahawks fan — and Evans — a Patriot — agreed to visit the other’s children’s hospital of choice based on the outcome of the game.

And even though the Patriots took the title, both Evans and Pratt decided both hospitals should receive superhero visits. While Pratt — who swiped his Star Lord suit from Guardians of the Galaxy — showed up in a Patriots jersey when he went with Evans to a hospital in Boston, Evans donned his Captain America costume when he and Pratt visited Seattle Children’s Hospital, and seemed to have just as good a time as the kids they surprised.

Chris Pratt posted pictures of the visit on Facebook, while Chris Evans Tweeted his thoughts:

"AMAZING day at @seattlechildren w @prattprattpratt. Met some TRUE super heroes! Feeling inspired, blessed, touched. Thank you w all my heart"

Even if you aren’t a fan of Pratt or Evans, you gotta love these two guys … two hot guys … especially Captain  America with a beard.


mistress maddie said...

Your are snarky saying Leann has fans. Meanwhile I hear that Katie Couric will be on a Jaws remake playing the shark. No survivors I hear.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Clearly Kanye Divest is living in an alternate reality from the rest of us; so rich that he can buy pretty much whatever enters his unpretty head, he doesn't listen to the words that issue from his mouth.

Very sorry that he has been polluting my neck of the woods

anne marie in philly said...

dump the rest of the smelly garbage, but keep the heroes from the last tidbit. that's a class act by both chris and chris.

the dogs' mother said...

Two super heroes at once!! :-)