Wednesday, March 18, 2015

If The Gays Are Waging A War On Religion, Why Are We The Ones Being Compared To Murderers?

Once again I’m reminded of the so-called War On Religion being waged by The Gays and The Gay friendlies because we, you know, wanted a cake for our wedding, or some flowers, or a little bit of equality.

That’s war, y’all.

And yet, what apparently isn’t war is when a pastor, in this case “Pastor” Clint Echols of First Baptist Church in Zeeland, Michigan, compares The Gays to axe murderers. He first drew his ignorant, hateful, and so-not-Christ-like comparison two weeks ago during a sermon about the need for the congregation to clarify its beliefs about marriage and sexuality by banning anything and everything gay.

Sorry kids, no more Sound of Music for you.

In the address to church members, Echols spoke of the ALLEGED attack on traditional marriage by calling homosexuality as a lifestyle choice:
"It's an internal compass and a person can discover their sexuality at any moment...oh wait a second, I'm gay, I'm bisexual, I want to change my gender, these things, and that's being true to themselves and being true to their internal compass. For instance on another, a completely other playing field, if tomorrow I woke up because I have this internal compass that's telling me what truth is. Tomorrow, if I wake up and say, well, I think I'm an axe murderer, now I'm an axe murderer, would you be happy with that? Would you agree? Would you want me to follow that internal compass?"
Let’s see, people choose to be gay and people choose to be axe murderers so gay people are like axe murderers.

This is a time when I wish I attended church, especially this asshat's church, because I’d like to ask him when he chose to be straight, and how much of the gay sex did he have before coming to the realization that he was a heterosexual. I mean, how come I get to choose, but his choice was made for him? Does his 'God' think he's too stupid to choose?

Luckily, not everyone in Zeeland agrees with this idiot; Daniel Vanderley has organized protests outside the church for the last two weeks to draw attention to a man that thinks the word of God is hate:
“They are breaking ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ and in the process they’re putting in the minds of the kids who go to that church that being gay is not acceptable. Living in a time where it’s hard enough to come out as a gay, in a community where it’s difficult enough to be gay, that to compare that to being an axe murderer does rise to the level of hate speech.”—Daniel Vanderley
Still, that so-called man of God, so filled with hate, Echols isn’t backing down, and says his sermon wasn’t hate speech, but rather God's word.

I think She’d beg to differ …
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viktor kerney said...

To an axe murderer, really? This dude is doing the most

Raybeard said...

Jesus Christ Almighty! Can't these God-freaks put a sock in it and just LET IT GO? You'd think it was the most important issue facing mankind. But I suppose if you've got enough money and time you can indulge your pet hates up to the hilt - while making out that your attitude is based entirely on L-U-R-V-E. Now 'scuse me while I run to the bathroom to retch!

Biki Honko said...

Horrid, horrid man! To strut about with the title "man of god" when he isn't filled with the light and love of god, but of hate and chaos. He is satan's handmaid on earth.

Biki Honko said...

Oh! I forgot to mention, I love the new look! So clean and fresh, quite lovely.

the dogs' mother said...

The Engineer was sharpening his axe last weekend.... but he heeded to cut wood.

Bob Slatten said...

I thought I'd go color for Spring!

anne marie in philly said...

@bob - LOVE the new look! keep it!

the subject of your post should be the "asshat of the week".

Bob Slatten said...

Thanks. i'm just looking at changing things up around here and thought I'd start with the appearance.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Help AM has turned into a cat; did she make this choice or was it forced upon her by a cat loving priest?