Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Two Cents: Like A Bad Penny, Lewinsky's Back

Monica Lewinsky is back, y’all; like a bad penny, she makes a reappearance every time Hillary Clinton makes the news. Coinky-dink? I think not.

When Hillary ran for President in 2008, Monica showed up just to talk and tried to get you to buy her handbags; when the GOP tried to turn Benghazi into something it wasn’t, there was Monica. Why she didn’t appear in a flak jacket is beyond me, but then it probably didn’t fit in with the purse collection she was hawking.

And now, with Hillary beating out nearly every single candidate in the race for the White House, and with the GOP’s new fascination with EmailGate, look who’s talking … again? Lewinsky.

The former White House intern whose affair with President Bill Clinton made her internationally famous overnight with its Tales of the Blue Dress scandal-iciousness and such, recently popped in at the annual TED Conference last week. And for those who don’t know, TED is a global set of conferences run by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan "Ideas Worth Spreading".

Um, ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’? Lewinsky? I don’t get the connection. Legs worth spreading? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Still, Monica took to the stage to discuss the one and only thing she will ever be known for, schtupping a married man who happened to be President of the United States at the time. That and playing the victim throughout the whole mess.

She shared the idea that she made a mistake by "falling in love with [my] boss."

Ya think? And then she talked of the consequences …

“I was branded as a tramp, tart, slut, whore, bimbo and, of course, ‘that woman.’ I was known by many, but actually known by few. I get it. It was easy to forget ‘that woman’ was dimensional and had a soul.”

Actually Monica, you were a young girl who just didn’t think that showing your thong to a married man, much less your boss, much less the President, was an inappropriate action.
Sure, Bill’s a dog; it takes two to tango. But, you knew he was married and you knew he’d never leave his wife for you no matter what he said after your services were rendered. And if you thought he would leave his wife, and marry the intern, while President of this country, well, you are less naïve and more stupid than you’d like us to believe.

And then you whined about being reminded every day of the mistake you made … yet you remind us, and yourself, every time you accept a speaking engagement to talk because even you know that the only reason anyone wants to hear from you is for the chance to revisit SemenGate.

You brought this on, dear, by, well, to quote NeNe Leakes from The Real housewives of Atlanta, and why not, you opened your legs to a married man. Bye Boo.

Oh, except she won’t go. Lewinsky talked about how she was finally able to put the whole Monica Is A Whore public shaming that occurred after going down on Clinton, by listening to her mother in 2012 — fourteen years after the affair — when Mama Lewinsky called to talk about the death of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers student who took his own life after being secretly filmed having an intimate encounter with another man by his roommate. Clementi endured enormous shame when the video was posted online and took his own life as a result.

Where was your shame, Monica, dear, when you posed for a magazine cover ... Cigar Aficionado? You have no shame; you seek out the spotlight for seventeen years every time it appears you'll become a footnote to a news story.

You are no Tyler Clementi. He was a young man exploring his sexuality with an unmarried partner in the hoped for privacy of his own room, while you cruised the President, showing him your underwear; while you stalked the President; while you kept the DNA-splattered souvenir.

You aren’t Tyler Clementi. You are a young woman who still whines about a mistake, and still whines about how people won’t let it go, and still whines.

Stop whining.

Go away. And stay there. 


Susan said...

Thank you, Bob, for summing up how so many of us feel. :)

Biki Honko said...

Funny how she whines about not liking the hot intense glare of the spot light, but yet refuses to stay out of it.

the dogs' mother said...

Primaries, conventions, speeches and Monica - check! Time for an election.

GentlerTime said...

Oh my. I'm usually right behind your opinions, Bob and wish I was as articulate. But 14 years of slut-shaming for this woman seems long enough of a sentence, don't you think? Yes, it was adultery and incomprehensibly short-sighted. Yes, the timing of her reappearances is unfortunate, even suspect. But goodness, does youthful stupidity merit the life-crushing scrutiny this woman has been subject to? Time for compassion. Do we really believe she should be doomed to a life of ridicule for an indiscretion? Nobody died. Nobody divorced. No homes were wrecked.

Bob Slatten said...

I don't wish to slut shame, I just wish for her to go away and quit popping up every few years to tell us she's a victim. She wasn't, and she isn't.

GentlerTime said...

Yes, I understand your point. It does seem a little masochistic, doesn't it? Try to read the profile on her in the NYT last Sunday. It softened my view of her situation. Cheers!

♫Musique♫ said...

YOu Said It. I want Monica Looseinky I mean Lewinsky to have several seats on a rusty nail.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm not sure why Monica gave a talk at TED; is she fighting for women's rights? If not then why raise your head above the parapet?