Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Um, Yeah, Doesn't She Work In The Building?

If anyone ever had any doubt that Fox "New'" is nothing more than a right-wing political group masquerading as a "news"channel, this ought to dispel that myth.

Over the weekend, the "news' channel was doing a story on probably candidates for president in 2012, and focused a bit on Mama Grizzly Bore [MGB®], who says there's a "50-50" chance she'll run. Sidenote: I half-expected someone as illiterate as the MGB® might say she thought there was 50-60 chance she'd run, but I digress.

See, during that piece on the MGB®, Fox "News" put her picture up. or did they? Judge for yourself.
And here's a larger version of the picture they used:
That's right. The "news" channel couldn't tell the difference between Tina Fey spoofing the MGB® and the actual MGB®. And the real one actually works for Fox "News" so you'd think they'd know which is the fake one and which is the stupid one.

David Clark, Executive Producer of Weekend Programming, FOX News released the following statement: “This past Sunday during ‘America’s News Headquarters,’ a graphics error was made during a segment on former Alaska Governor S____ P____. The producer has since been disciplined and an explanation and apology will be made in the same hour next Sunday. Fox News regrets the error.”"

Error. That's another way of syaing, "We're not a real news station because we can even send out the "News" without a disclaimer.



Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

Love it!!!!

Kyle said...

It was pretty sweet to see them squirm.

Kevin said...

Fortunately, no one over there actually has half a brain, otherwise they'd be dangerous.

Joy said...

LOL! This shows how they don't check their sources or photos! Dumbasses!

Robyn said...

I wonder if some disgruntled staffer did this on purpose. That would be hilarious.