Thursday, June 09, 2011

Homophobes Are Stupid

Rick Santorum, AKA Frothy Mix--Google it and see what that means--who is running for presidential, which causes endless giggle fits around Casa Smallville, has come out--no, not like that--saying he supports a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Of course, this is the same Ric....Frothy Mix, that has said in the past that same-sex marriage is akin to having sex with dogs, and that it's "common sense" to keep gays from marrying and adopting children, who wants to reinstate the ban on gays in the military, and has said that gays shouldn't have the "privilege of government benefits" offered to heterosexual couples.

He says all that, and the says that he isn't a homophobe.

Oh, but'ch'are, Blanche, but'ch'are a homophobe.

As for his desire to federally ban marriage equality, he said
"I support a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. I believe that marriage should be a consistent thing across the country. Marriage is the union of one man and one woman...Once people realize the consequence to society of changing this's gonna have a profound impact on society, on faith, on education. And once people realize that, they say, you know what, we respect people's right to live the life they want to lead but don't try to fundamentally change how society functions by changing that definition."

Hey Frothy, look at the recent polls where support for marriage equality is on the rise. I don't think there will ever be a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage, but I am working on an amendment banning you from opening your ignorant yap.

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel said: "Our position at this particular time is that we are going to be neutral on that particular issue [marriage equality and Minnesota trying to ban it], as we would be on other social issues that have polarizing points of view...We're a retail store, we welcome everybody...We have a broad team-member base, every shape and size and color. And so we are a very inclusive organization...We're going to continue to monitor, we're going to continue to assess, and see how that develops."

Um, Greg, you douchenozzle. You don't welcome everyone if you donate to anti-gay causes. That little act makes you anti-gay.

See, simple.

Now, if I were to, say, ask anyone who believes that Target is a discriminatory company that seeks to deny the LGBT community their rights, and I ask people to support a ban on shopping at Target, that would make me anti-Target.

Which I am.

See, I can admit being anti-Target, you should admit to being anti-gay, since you have given all sorts of money to anti-gay groups, without trying to cover your tracks with corporate rhetoric about business and inclusiveness.

You're not that dumb, are you Greg?

Anita Bryant 2.0
During the Eagle Forum Collegians 2011 Summit with Phyllis Schlafly, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler of Missouri told ll those strapping young conservatives why they should oppose marriage equality, by trotting out that old chestnut that legalizing gay marriage is akin to legalizing pedophilia, that legalizing gay marriage would be like legalizing incest.

That legalizing gay marriage is exactly like letting a three-year-old drive a car.

Portia de Rossi DeGeneres, she's an idiot.

But here's Anita, er, Vicky, in her won words: 
"Some people say, why does it matter to you as a government official? I care about someone else, I'm committed, I should be able to marry. Well, think about it. That starts you down the road to opening up licensure to basically meaning that the license would mean nothing if you let everybody with that standard. For instance, if you just care about somebody and you have a committed relationship, why not allow one man and two women, or three women to marry? ....Why not allow group marriage? .... Why not allow an uncle to marry his niece? Why not allow a 50-year-old man to marry a 12-year-old girl if they love each other and they’re committed? .... It's not a right of anybody--of a 3-year-old to be able to drive a car."

Well, you can imagine that these comments sent Little Miss Vicky into damage control, and when asked to clarify her remarks, or if they were taken out of context, she said that they were indeed misquotes.

She meant to say letting thirteen-year-olds drive cars, not three-year-olds.

Oh, well, then......carry on. Dumbass.

Bryan Fischer, Executive Bigot of the American Family Association believes that the repeal of DADT will actually lead to the LGBT community fighting for it's reinstatement.

Dan Choi, say what?

See, Bry, and he loves to be called Bry when he ALLEGEDLY snuggles with his non-sexual life partner, says the repeal of DADT will cause fewer gays to enlist because we only enlist so we can use being gay as an excuse to get out of the military, and because we don't really want to be soldiers anyway.

Which makes perfect sense. To morons.

Then he says that the repeal of DADT will cause straight men and women to stop enlisting because they don't want to serve with the gays.

But, Bry, you said the gays would stop enlisting with the repeal of DADT so why would the straights mind serving if there are no gays in the military anymore?

Oh, that's right, you're an idiot.

Don't ask, it makes no sense to me either.


froggy said...

These people could be an argument for de-evolution of certain segments of the human population.

Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

As always Bob... You make sense out of senselessness... One of the reasons you are on my list of daily reads...

Ola to you and your's in "smallville" from the commonwealth of "Vagina"..

todd carr said...

living in my bubble city of Chicago, I forget that there are ridiculous people out there like this.

forget Target, forget Rick the pr*7K & Bry and Anita can roll in a whole tub of Rick's frothyness

they all stink!

Wonder Man said...

Bryan Fischer needs a slap in the face