Thursday, June 16, 2011

The MGB® Movie Poster

I didn't want to post this, but then the fits of giggle started and I just had to share. This is ALLEGEDLY. the poster for the Mama Grizzly Bore [MGB®] movie.
So, what's funny about it?
For starters, the title. THE UNDEFEATED!!!
Seriously! Have we already forgotten the defeat of Ott-Eight? I mean, I can see calling it The Quitter, or Half-Term or Nobody Likes Me 'Cept The Crazies. But The Undefeated?

And what are folks saying about it, hmmmm?

Zac Hart says: Should be titled Unfinishable... Considering she has yet to serve a full term in ANY of her elected offices... Palin for president - what a joke.

Travis Michael Brown says: she is giving the double hand job.

Kenny Miller-Gass says: Is this the sequel to: "No Substance: Reiterated Talking Points and Buzz Words Beaten to Death like a Dead Alaskan Moose!"?

So, what do YOU think MGB®'s movie debut should be called?



Jim said...

I think it should be called: "I'm a Media Whore!"

froggy said...

It's a cult of personality!

Raybeard said...

Don't know if this is how you see it, but here in 'Brit-land' we're hearing that even your Republicans are showing growing signs of restlessness with her and wish she'd just GO AWAY! Intriguing topic, though, and certainly never boring.

designing wally said...

or maybe- DAYS OF DELUSION...

I could spend hours & may be back to comment again!

tamayn said...

Hints, Allegations, and Things Better Left Unsaid or the Ballad of MGB.

twunty mcslore said...

I think it should be a made up word, a la Dubya. How about the 'Un-Beleaguered?' or 'The Un-Mistreaterstood?' Anything will make sense, as long as it's unbelievably stupid. That is how much of a mind fuck her existence is.

DuPree said...

I can do better drunk and vomiting.

Stan in NH said...

I think it should be called "The Undeflated", since she's nothing more than a pompous air bag!
With the tagline "Oh, the inhumanity!"