Saturday, June 04, 2011

Outstanding Guest Comment Of The Week: Froggy

There were several contenders this week, but there was one comment that i kept coming back to when i needed a giggle, so that one will be this weeks winner.
In response to my 'I Didn't Say It' post, where Courtney Love was offering career and friendship advice to Lady Gaga, this came in:

froggy has left a new comment on your post "I Didn't Say It.......":

Bless her heart, Courtney Love, she really thinks her sage wisdom should be heeded.
I'm still giggling, possibly because, here in the South, 'bless her heart' means anything and everything BUT bless her heart.
Anyhoo, thanks to Froggy for the neverending giggle.
Take a minute, y'all, and stop in at Froggy's pad and follow the adventures of Abby and Tar, and the Ponder kids.
Get it? See what I did there? Froggy? Pad? like lily pad?
Okay, I'll stop.


froggy said...

I'm honored :-)
I learned about 'bless your heart' from Joy, a true Southern Lady.

designing wally said...

That's a great comment!
Yay Froggy!

Joy said...

Way to go, Froggy! Me, a lady? Thanks!

Kyle said...

Without Froggy among out little group we'd have a lot less to laugh about.