Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oh CNN.....Grow A Pair

Word on the street is that Kathy Griffin is about to be banned from CNN following her appearance there on New Year's Eve.

Seems Kathy dropped an F-bomb, made a crude joke needing a "bump" of cocaine and asked Cooper if he pleasured himself while looking in the mirror.

Yeah. So.

This is Kathy Griffin people. This is giving you The Bird. This is Suck it, Jesus. This is Balls Of Steel. This is what you get when you hire her, and then to act all upset about a midnight "fuck" is just too precious.

To be fair, CNN publicist Shimrit Sheetrit says: "No decisions have been made yet regarding next year's show."

Which means they're still adding up the numbers of phone calls and emails from people who have nothing better to do with their time.

Now, I need a bump of cocaine and then I'm going to pleasure myself while looking at Anderson Cooper.


Ban. This.


Wonder Man said...

It's Kathy, they should've known

Mark said...

They hired her for it. Anderson giggled like a little girl the whole time.

Mark in DE said...

I suppose they didn't know Kathy's style before they hired her??? Whatever.

lacochran said...

Love Kathy. LOVE her.

They knew she'd be outrageous. They wanted her to be outrageous. They got viewers and revenue because she's outrageous.