Thursday, January 28, 2010

Giving Ann Coulter a Run For Her Money

Michelle Malkin, as ignorant, and homophobic, and hateful, as Ann Coulter, speaking on Cindy McCain's NoH8 photograph:

"Hollywood and political celebrities are such lemmings. AIDS ribbons. Foreign baby adoptions. Livestrong bracelets. Now, every fame-seeker and left-wing panderer wants his/her mouth duct-taped to show solidarity with the gay marriage movement. The latest slave to fashion? Cindy McCain, following in the oh-so-edgy-for-Tinseltown footsteps of her daughter, MEghan. Who’s silencing these Prop. 8 opponents? They’re more overexposed than Mariah Carey’s bosom."They can talk and talk and talk without fear of retribution, intimidation, or physical violence. Meanwhile, Prop. 8 supporters and donors have been hounded, threatened, blacklisted, beaten, and forced to resign from their jobs for exercising their political free speech. Cindy and MEghan McCain’s silence on the continued thuggery of their anti-Prop. 8 duct-tape wielders speaks volumes."
Oh, Michelle, such a shame that those who wish to inflict discrimination on a particular group are made to feel bad. Such a shame that those who want to write inequality into any state Constitution are held accountable for their actions.

Michelle? Dear stupid, ignorant, Michelle, why don't you try years and years and YEARS of hate speech hurled at you like it has been at the LGBT community. Try losing your job because of who you are; being evicted, or denied housing because of who you are; being beaten and left tied to a fence in Wyoming because o9f who you are; being called a pedophile; being blamed for all the ills of the world, from hurricanes and terrorism, because of who you are.

Failing that, try acting like a human being you insufferable bitch.
And that dear friends, is what ISBL follower David, who lives in Canada, calls my contagious "focused outrage."
Thanks David!


Stephen said...

Amamzing...she is smart & pretty & articulate... a winning combo!

Dyl said...

What a horrid unhappy life she must lead to be so twisted.

Paul Benjamin said...

Wow. Another idiotic republican giving the GOP party a bad name!

Kevin said...

I'd never heard of her until just now. And I think it's fair to say I've heard all I'll ever want to hear from her.

Howard said...

Amazing. She rails and hurls names at them, and complains you 'can't' speak out against marriage equality without being held accountable for their views? Logic, apparently, is not her strong point.

And for her understanding of free speech, I have issues. We all have it. It guarantees we won't be jailed by the government, not that we can't be held accountable for stupidity or hate that comes out of our mouths.

And if Prop 8 supporters have been 'hounded, threatened, blacklisted, beaten, and forced to resign from their jobs for exercising their political free speech' then I guess they got a clue what it is like to not be a part of the ruling mob. Too bad she only finds this bad if it happens to her friends, and not every US citizen.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Malkin's parents are Filipinos who came to the United States on work visa. She was born shortly after they arrived in the U.S. It is not clear whether their stay here was just based on their work permit or a green card. This point is significant. As I understand it, she is against granting citizenship rights to babies who were born here whose parents have no green cards. I can't understand this because she got her citizenship rights just by virtue of being born in the U.S., the "Jus Soli" basis for U.S. citizenship.

The Filipinos don't like Malkin at all. They don't consider her as a Filipino-American. They know her as being too angry, radical and hateful. She suffered bigotry and discrimination in school for not being white. Maybe that was the reason why she hates her Liberal Arts College and every liberal. It may also be the reason for becoming a radical conservative to belong to a group that can protect and support her. Without that, she is nothing.

Don't you think it is best to research fully her background and activities? Know thy enemies and keep them closer.