Monday, January 18, 2010

May Be Hate

Out in Iowa, land of Marriage Equality, though hate still lives there, too, Clear Lake police are continuing to investigate a bar fight that occurred last Saturday night that witnesses say was prompted by a man being attacked because he is gay.

Yup, still being beaten simply for being gay.

The incident occurred at Rumorz, where a man was reportedly dancing when he was slammed to the ground and beaten by another patron who made rude references to the man’s sexual orientation. A friend of the victim tried to pull the attacker off of his friend and that led to more patrons getting involved.

But Police Chief Greg Peterson said further investigation is needed to determine whether the incident should be classified as a hate crime. he did describe the scene as “mayhem” and said proprietors broke up the fights, moved everybody out and closed the bar early.

A second fight then broke out in the parking lot.

Justin Torres is charged with serious assault for allegedly attacking the man inside the bar, while Adam Thurman and Corey Johnson were each charged with interference for their alleged involvement with police after the fight broke out in the parking lot.

Officers interviewed six witnesses, one of whom said the attacker shouted a lewd remark about the sexuality of the man dancing and then dragged him down and beat him. Chief Peterson wants to do second interviews with some of the witnesses to learn if they heard similar remarks.

May not be hate. But it may be.
The victim may not be gay. But he may be.
The attacker may not have shouted some homophobic slurs. But he may have.

But if it was, and if he is, and if he did, this has to stop.

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truthspew said...

Nightclubs everywhere are becoming more dangerous. Part of it has to do with maximization of revenue aka 18+ nights.

The other has to do with the increased amount of gang activity, particularly in my city.

But this one stinks to high heaven. Maggie Gallagher and the Heritage Foundation need to have this one rubbed in their faces. She may cry that supporters of Prop 8 face discrimination, loss of income, and even death threats but to date none of their ilk have really suffered beatings or death.