Friday, January 22, 2010

Houston Has A Nut Case In It...Lord Have Mercy On Our Souls

All kinds of crazy going on down in Texas now that Houston has elected a Lesbian as mayor, but I think the whackjobs down there need to get one thing, er, straight: Annise Parker is not a Lesbian Mayor, she is a Mayor who is a lesbian.

See the difference? No?

I can imagine that one such nutjob, Pastor David Grisham, will never see the difference. See, this pastor, this man of God, this Holy Roller, is launching a boycott of the city of Houston because the city sinned when it elected a mayor who happens to be gay. And it sinned when it opened a new abortion clinic.

an abortion clinic that was built in Houston.

"The main reason for the boycott is simply because it's about the only way that people in the rest of the state of Texas--outside of Houston--can actually take a stand for righteousness in the city of Houston," Grisham said. "Now, Jesus said that we were to preach the gospel through all the world, and that includes Houston, Texas."

But, according to the Houston Press, this "isn't Grisham's first anti-gay rodeo". He is also behind another such group in Amarillo that deals with gay folks and their gay cars and gay lives and gay clothes, and everything, well, gay.

Meanwhile, back in Houston, Grisham says his planned boycott, and there is a website though I won't link to hate, so if you're into that sort of thing do your own search, is "not about the Mayor personally. It's not about personality, it's about principle. The election of an [openly] homosexual person to a major public office brings with it a radical homosexual agenda. That in and of itself makes a statement."

Just like a Black mayor would bring a radical Black Agenda, or an Hispanic mayor would bring a radical Latino Agenda, or a female would bring a radical Female Agenda. I think Grisham would like the job himself so he can bring a radical White-Man-Spewing-Hate Agenda.

But Houston won't fall for that.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

He's actually not even in Houston.... he lives and works in Amarillo! Because, you know, Christian tourists from Amarillo are a large part of our city economy!
Check out my blog post if you haven
t seen it already!

Ultra Dave said...

Yep, nut job, plain and simple. with a really big mouth.

Mark in DE said...

Guys like this show the downside of easy access to technology.