Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beautiful, Maybe. Dumb, Definitely.

I don't watch The Bachelor.

I don't get The Bachelor.

I mean, if I wanted to watch twenty-five man-hungry whores chase after a hot guy, I'd head down to the The Vista any Friday night after a Clemson game. Or, I'd stay home on Sangria Saturday in Smallville.

But I digress,

This season, which is about three minutes old,apparently, one of the "girls" was accused of having a "sexual relationship" with someone, a producer, I'm guessing, because a cameraman won't get you into Spielberg's office for an audition, but a producer just might. ABC officials didn't call it a sexual relationship, but rather an "inappropriate one", no doubt because there was no footage of the "girl" and the "producer" doing the nasty that they could use in promos.


But, and this is what kills me, The Bachelor himself, manwhore Jake Pavelka claims that the "girl's"--Rozlyn Papa's--alleged relationship with a producer of the show hurt him.

Yes, he's hurt because one of the twenty-five women who auditioned to date him, dated another man.

Giant ego, Jake. And giant ego usually means Little Jake, if you get my meaning.

Pavelka, in a blog for PEOPLE, says: "This is the first time I have been cheated on (to my knowledge) and man, it sucks."

Jake? Honey? You might be kinda hot to some folks, but seriously, you've got dumbass all over your face. You're "dating" twenty-five women, and, if the show goes as planned, you will probably have sex with at least three of them, and you feel bad because you believe that "girl" cheated on you?

Grow up.

And, Rozlyn? You grow up, too. I've been hearing you whine about how these allegations of inappropriateness with a producer will affect your seven-year-old son. Did you not think how your son might feel about his mama going on TV to whore herself out with a gaggle of other foolish women to win the heart, and the diamond ring, of a man they barely know?

Sheesh, people, Grow the fuck up.


Michael Rivers said...

Very well said! Last night on Entertainment Weekly I heard her say how worried she was for her son. My first thought was, "Then why the hell would you go on this show?" When will this stupid reality craze be over?!?

mistress maddie said...

I couldn't agree more with your reality tv show rants!!! I'm still shocked that their is another season of this whoring! Can't people meet the old way anymore? Do they really need a whole staff and cast of people set up to meet someone? Losers.

Joy said...

I hate those shows like that and don't understand why anyone watches them. Excellent post!!