Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What The Hell Is Wrong With You?

This Scott Brown election has got me pissed off.

Not because he's Republican, however.

And not because he came out of nowhere to beat a Democrat for a Senate seat that been Democratic since time began.

But because Scott Brown is your typical political fucktard.

He has no plan for health care; he has no plan for the country; he has no plan for We, the People.....; his goal is to stop the Democrats; to put the kibosh on Obama.

Yes, America, and you, Massachusetts, you elected a man who made no promises to make your life better, to provide you with a health care plan you may like, to ease us out of this recession, to create jobs, to rebuild America.

You elected a man with a monkey wrench.

And so, to you 52% of those who voted in Massachusetts who elected Scott Brown yesterday, understand this: he is going to work for you, he is simply there to stop any kind of progress by the White House and the Democrats. He doesn't want to help America, he only wants to help his party.

So, when you realize that he isn't working for you, you only have yourself to blame.

Nicely done.


jadedj said...

Bob there is no accounting for taste, or INTELLIGENCE. Nitwits.

Anonymous said...

Martha Coakley is more to blame for her loss than Brown's win. Coakley ran her campaign as if she had the election in the bag. Brown campaigned and appealed to the MA independents. These independents make up 50% of all MA registered voters. The people of MA were also not happy with Coakley's attack ads. Brown also possesses something that Coakley clearly did not: charisma. Brown is a very good looking man and brings out idiotic ideas in people who want to vote for the person with the nicest smile. Mitt Romney as vile and despicable as he may be has this very same charisma.

I'm shocked but not surprised at the outcome. I'm shocked that there is a republican in Kennedy's seat. I'm not surprised MA elected a Republican. 16 of the last 20 years we have had a Republican governor.

Also blame Deval Patrick for not having a law overturned that would have allowed to appoint someone to Kennedy's seat.

If we're lucky Brown will turn out to be a "Yankee Republican" socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

Brown did not win the seat Coakley lost it.

A gay independent who voted for Coakley.