Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I, Too, Have A Dream

My head is about to explode.
We have countries that are trying to legalize murder of LGBT people.
There are places where you can get arrested for getting married if you're gay.
Kids are pushing other kids down the stairs because that kid is gay, or assumed to be gay, or acts gay.
Lawyers in California say there is no more LGBT discrimination because the homos are on TV and in the movies.
At every turn, everywhere you go, we are being told being gay is wrong, bad, sick, less than other people, and I wonder, When does it end.

I wait for someone to show me one person who was indoctrinated into the gay "lifestyle"; one child made gay because he or she read about it in school; one child who switched orientation because they saw something on TV.

I wish someone would explain to me how my being gay, my wanting the same things the straight community wants, is detrimental to this country.

I long for one shred of evidence that a gay marriage performed anywhere in the world has ruined a heterosexual marriage.

I hope for the day that people will open their eyes and see that pedophiles are mostly straight men, and stopping laying that crime at the feet of the gay community.

I pray, for once, someone would stop using being gay as a joke; using bashing as a cartoon; using homosexuality as a punch line, or punching bag.

I dream of a day where fear isn't used to enact legislation, but simple thought is the impetus for change.

I yearn for a time when self-loathing gay men and women don't use their hatred of themselves to keep the LGBT community down.

I wish, I long, I hope, I dream, I yearn.

I wait.


Larry Ohio said...

Bob, you made me cry and I can't stop. I can see now that hate rules much of this world.

Stephen said...

Take a breath... I am worried that your head actually will explode!

Wonder Man said...

This is what a civil rights movement about. There will pain and tears, but we will prevail

truthspew said...

You make some very keen observations in this post. Nobody inducted me into homosexuality.

I remember being 14 years old and hearing about other gay people like Harvey Milk and being somewhat relieved that I wasn't the only one.

Took me a while to crawl out of that shell but I'm never going back despite what the bigots want me to do.

Sean said...

I don't understand it. I understand it even less when it comes form our own community. The amount of hate being thrown at Adam Lambert and Johnny Weir is mind numbing. How can we expect GLBTi people to be completely equal and accepted if we aren't capable of doing it our selves.

Kyle said...

We(our community) have a lot of fighting, learning, and growing to do before that day will come. Our opposition has a lot of growing up to do. Ultimately it will happen, but any place where religion has a large voice/hand within society it is going to take longer to make the changes necessary for equality.

Mark in DE said...

I am waiting by your side, Bob. Hopefully this will come in our lifetime.