Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Brother And A Hater

Frank Schubert may not be a name known to many people. Which is a shame, because Frank, or the Hater Herder as I call him, is a busy little man. Busy.Little.Man.

Schubert is the man responsible for managing California's Proposition H8 campaign and the man responsible for much of the advertising and communications strategy behind Maine's Question 1. See? Hater Herder. On both coasts. And with the help of Frank, marriage equality, once the law of the land in California and Maine, was suddenly illegal, and Frank, the little man with the heart of stone that he is, wears this as some sort of badge of honor.

He has even won 18 political consulting awards for his ability to use hate as a weapon in his fight against LGBT equality. See, Frank Schubert finds The Gays detrimental to the public health and dangerous to children and society. Again, this makes me laugh; those people so against the LGBT struggle for equality, spend a great deal of time telling anyone and everyone who'll listen that we, the LGBT community, less than 10% of the population, have the power to destroy everything.

Seriously, they give us too much credit.

Which leads one to wonder how Frank feels about his sister? See, Little Frank's sister, Anne Marie Schubert, is not only openly lesbian, but she's political, too. Uh-oh. Gay and political; a haters nightmare. And. according to the Bay Area Reporter, she's running for a judge seat on the Sacramento County Superior Court.

Yet while Frank Schubert works endlessly to prevent people like his sister from attaining equal rights under the law, he says he loves his sister. In fact, according to that same Bay Area Reporter article, he's rooting for her to become the next judge in Sacramento County. So, if Anne Marie would make a good judge, and not be harmful to children and society, then how is she not allowed to marry? Huh Frank? And why, Frank, would you build your entire professional identity on preventing people like his own sister from attaining equality?

Of course, we could ask that question of any number of anti-LGBT citizens who have family members who are gay or lesbian. look no further than Newt Gingrich, or Phyllis Schlafly to see people fighting tooth-and-nail to deny us equal rights while they are parents, or brothers and sisters to lesbians or gay men.

How do these people sleep at night, loving their own gay or lesbian family member, standing up for them, but then working to deny them the rights of marriage, of living freely and safely where they choose, of working, freely and safely, of not being threatened with firings, or beatings, or evictions or worse?

That isn't love, Frank Schubert, it's hate. And for you, it apparently started at home.


Ultra Dave said...

Wonderfully written! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't know but looking at Frank's picture my gaydar goes ding-a-lin-ling or as we say in Mexico, La Cucaracha....
Franz Shubert was a flaming homo who wrote great music.... I wonder if Frank Shubert likes to sing....

The other one....