Monday, January 05, 2009

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmmmm

Here are a few more things that baffle me:

Oprah Winfrey was duped by James Frey, when it turned out his book A Million Little Pieces was, well, a big fat lie from start to finish. Now, call it a novel if you will, and it makes good reading, but don't tell me it's true.

Now comes word that it's happened to Oprah again, with the Holocaust love story that never was, but the author said it made good reading.

It would.

As. A. Novel.

And Oprah? Honey? If you stepped away from the snack cakes long enough, maybe you could allocate some of your billions so your minions could do a little fact-checking.

Or better yet, don't tell me what to read.

Jett Travolta's death puzzles me because of all the unanswered question. Like, if he had Kawasaki Disease, as the Travolta's have said, then why are doctors saying today, online and on TV, that Kawasaki Disease does not cause seizures?

And if Jett was autistic, as people have speculated, and autism can cause seizures, why did his parents take him off anti-seizure medication?

I hope it doesn't turn out that he was not treated for autism, or whatever may have caused his seizures, because of the teachings of Scientology.

We're having dinner with some new friends, Roger and Thomas, tonight. Yesterday, Carlos was on the phone with one-half-of-the-couple, getting directions, and he writes things down like, just past the railroad tracks and turn at the big tree and look for a creek, travel down the dusty road.
Um, howsabout an address? A map? Google it, for cryin' out loud! I sense a sequel to Deliverance coming on.

Banjos ready?

PS Um, well, after he wrote the directions down, he, um, did, in fact, Google map the address and print it up, mind.

Paris Hilton.
Lindsay Lohan.

That's all.


Joy said...

Good post! I enjoyed it and agree!

Beth said...

"Paris Hilton"!!!!!!

ahhh Bob, your sense of humor speaks to me!