Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Steaming, er, Cat.....I Could Have Used The P-word To Shock You All!

We have a sicky cat in the house today.
Our little girl Tallulah Belle has herpes. Not that kind people! She's not that kind'a cat! She's a bitch, not a whore! She has the cold sore herpes, only this affects her sinuses and gets her all clogged up and phlegmy.
So she has some medication she takes, and she needs to be vaporized, not in the Star Trek kind of vaporized where she turns orange and vanishes, gut the humidifier kind of vaporized.
And the weird thing is, she likes it. She gets into a carrier and sits right by the door and inhales all the steam; she gets about twenty minutes a pop, three or four times a day, and she's good to go. For all her bitchiness, she's a good patient.

As for that cat down there; he's Tuxedo, and I'm posting his picture to annoy Carlos. See, Tuxedo is the most beautiful cat ever; the smartest cat ever; the greatest cat ever. Oh yeah, he's kind'a my cat. I picked him out, and I helped him adapt to our house and our pets, and he is a lovely boy.
The fun thing about Tuxedo is that I'll be watching TV or reading and it'll get to be time for bed. I'll stand up and call him, Tucky, bed time! and he tears down the hallway and jumps on the bed.
He's delicious.


David Dust said...

Awwwwwwwww ... such cuties.


frogponder said...

Okay, I was the gullible one in high school, I always got caught in this stuff. Like, huh? So P-word. Poached cat? Par-boiled cat? Pressure cooked cat? Pan-fried cat?

I went back and looked.
Never mind...

Bob said...

David: Yup, they're cute, but we have another one, MaxGoldberg of the Florida Goldbergs, who was a bit camera shy.

FP: heh-heh

Ultra Dave said...

I'm sure I could never get Izzy to stand still for that. You are blessed indeed.

Beth said...

awwww what sweet's so important to have a sweet pussy.

and I love that you yell, "Tucky, bed time!" and he runs to bed! My dog Baby Girl used to do that....but she's so HUGE now, she doesn't really run anywhere...

Bob said...

Dave: Tallulah is a handful, but she stands still for this!

Beth: Tucky is a smart smart boy. He comes when you call him and he's a great snuggler when Carlos is snoring.

Joy said...

Cats are fascinating! Tallulah likes the steaming! It's a struggle just to get mine in the carrier, but Brigit will let me give her a manicure. Her claws get too long in a needle-like curved way, and she lets me clip them.

Tuxedo is beautiful and sounds wonderful. Hope Tallulah gets well soon. She'll probably still want to get vaporized. Cats really do have Asperger's! My cat and my grandson who is an Aspie remind me of each other. LOL

Berry Blog said...

Tuxedo looks a little Siamese...could it be? Certainly tall dark and handsome. What happens when you guys travel? Need an old, slightly used houseboy?

I'll be hanging out with a couple cats who like me when a friend goes to Florida. One is the hugest fluffliest cat I ever saw in my life and he loves to play chase games, fetch games, hide and go seek, and makes a great stoa.boa...what are those wraps?