Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Really, Kalamazoo? Really?

A...B...C...D...E...F...G...H...I got a gal in Kalamazoo!

Everybody sing!
But not if you're a gal who has a gal, or a guy who has a guy. Not in Kalamazoo, people.

See, six weeks after passing a gay rights law, the Kalamazoo City Commission has voted to rescind it.
That's right folks.
For the last six weeks in Kalamazoo you, as a gay man or woman, bisexual man or woman, or transgendered, had rights to protection of employment and housing and public accommodation. But now, after the AFA---American Family Association, or as I call the Academy of Fucking Assholes....pardon my language Dad, but I'm more than a little peeved here--submitted petitions with about 1,600 signatures seeking the law's repeal. If officials found at least 1,273 signatures valid, the commission would have had to rescind the law or put it on the ballot. The commission voted 7-0 Monday night to rescind it.

Didn't put it on the ballot for the people to vote, no, not that.
Seven people rescinded the law.
Shame on you Kalamazoo.

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