Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh Oh Ohio

I just met someone from Ohio.
She just met her first homosexual.
In our discussions, she said she'd never known any gay people; I told her that, of course, she did, she probably just didn't know it.
She was very interested when she met Carlos; How does the relationship work, she wanted to know.
Just like you and your husband. I was waiting for the inevitable, Who's the woman? question. But it didn't come. We just talked, her about her husband, me about mine. And she began to realize we aren't all that different.
So, imagine my surprise, and hers, when I told her, that I read about the Reverend John Tamilio--that's him up there--the senior minister at Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ.
He and his congregation have decided that Tamilio will no longer sign Ohio marriage licenses until the state recognizes gay marriage.
That's right. His congregation, and those at six other Ohio churches, decided that their reverends pastors, those guys in the robes, would protest the state's inequality in marriage. That means that heterosexual couples will need to have an additional civil service in order to have their marriages recognized.

Way to go Ohio....and Reverend Tamilio!

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Beth said...

can I just say, that for the first time EVER, I am PROUD to be from Ohio??!!!

Ultra Dave said...

I think that is a great stand and kudos to you for enlightening people one at a time!

David Dust said...

Unfortunately the national church leaders will probably punish these congregations for being so enlightened. Don't these heretics know that gay marriage makes the Baby Jeebus cry?!?

Great story. I wish there were more "Christians" out there willing to act more like ... well ... CHRISTIANS.


frogponder said...

Other than family members (who are female), my beloved high school English teacher was the first gay man I ever knew.

Shirley! said...

i think this is great! the wave continues to grow larger!

wv: alahstal
as in:

"hic! i think i drank too mush alahstal chewnight. Hic!"

Joy said...

Way to go! I agree with David on this!

Berry Blog said...

The Baby Jeebus cries? He's not gay is he?
Anyway, this is great and encouraging news.
Anyone noticed any thunder and lightning around that church yet?

anima mundi said...

I am a proud member of Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ . . . and yes, there has been "thunder and lightening" around my church, in the form of the expected hate-filled e-mails to our pastor and ugly comments on blogs, etc. But it's all been worth it . . . as reflected in comments on blogs like this, where our action is seen in its true light. Thanks, folks, for the moral support!

Bob said...

Anima mundi: Thanks for your story, and know that people who understand that God is Love are not the same as those attacking your church.
Stand tall, for we stand with you.