Monday, January 17, 2022

This Bitch: Is Not Working For The People

Arizona’s DINO—Democrat In Name Only—Senator,  Kyrsten Sinema, spit in the face of Democrats, and 705 of Americans, who wanted to see changes to the filibuster that would allow voting rights legislation, said last week that she both supports the legislation itself and the 60-vote threshold that is keeping its passage an impossibility.

She’s trying to play you all that she wants to help but her hands are tied, and that is yet another lie from Sinema.

In a floor speech, the Arizona Democrat portrayed the Senate’s rule allowing members to block debate on legislation with a 41-vote minority as a necessary tool for safeguarding democracy in a time of unprecedented political divisions.

“I strongly support, and will continue to vote for legislative responses to these state laws. [But] I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country.”

She supports voting rights but won’t vote for the one way to pass voting rights because she believes in bipartisanship and yet not one single Republican will cross the aisle.

And keep in mind that she is allowing 41 people out of 100, a minority, to run this country

How’s that working out for you, Kyrsten?

Sidenote: Arizona is coming for you and you’re not going to be able to lie your way out of this, and all that corporate money you took, that you swore you’d never take, won’t help you each.

Take the day and write, email, Tweet, Facebook, carrier pigeon, your Congressional Representatives and demand  they pass legislation to protect and expand voter's rights for without those, we are lost.


  1. Every day, when I think she can go no lower, Cinema proves me wrong

  2. She spits out this tripe while ignoring the fact that Republicans bent the filibuster rules to install 3 conservative judges on the Supreme Court and further deepen the divide. There is also no evidence that she has made any attempt to get Republicans to 'cross the line,' but then why would she? That would mean she was actually attempting to do the job to which she was elected.

  3. Sinema, another pain in the ass in the Democratic party. I sure hope that the party gets their act together and soon.

    Meanwhile if the citizens of this country don't care about voting rights, and that their privilege to cast a vote may be removed, or thrown out, and don't vote out ANYONE supporting this bullshit...why then... we get what we deserve. I am not too happy with my party right now on several things, but if the dems lose power, the thread we are barely hanging on is going to snap.

  4. I think there is only one reason
    for this - getting your name in
    the news and your picture too.
    It seems she thinks it is a
    sure way to get re-elected.
    Hope not.
    xoxo :-)

  5. She's trying to win friends among her constituents, I assume, but she'll always be on thin ice in Arizona with that big ol' D after her name.

  6. Her problem is that she believed her own hype and then got money from corporations.
    She needs to be voted out.


  7. Something tells me she is gonna be a one-termer!


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