Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Catholic Curia Suggests Rape Victim Enjoyed It

A Catholic curia—a group of Vatican bureaucrats who assist the Pope in the exercise of his primatial jurisdiction over the Roman Catholic church—in Poland has asked for a court to determine whether or not the rape victim of a Catholic priest took “pleasure in the intimate relationship.”

The victim, Janusz Szymik, was 12 years old when the abuse began and the Catholic Church wants to know if he enjoyed being sexually assaulted by a priest.

Last year, Szymik  launched a civil case against Bielsko-Żywiec diocese seeking roughly $1 million in compensation from the curia, which he argues is responsible for abuse he suffered at the hands of a priest—named only as Jan W. under Polish privacy law—in the 1980s.

A church court had previously found Jan W. guilty of sexual offences against Szymik, and in 2017, Jan W. was given a five-year ban on conducting priestly ministry, hearing confession, and was ordered to live in isolation.

Cut to today, and the curia, really the Catholic Church, is demanding  “evidence from an expert sexologist on the determination of the claimant’s sexual preferences, in particular determination of the claimant’s sexual orientation.”

And they would like to question Szymik on his relationship with the priest, including him “showing pleasure in maintaining an intimate relationship with Jan W.” and even “deriving benefits [from it], including material benefits.”

Victim blaming is a Catholic thing, unless the victim is Catholic …

The curia also argues that, although Szymik was an altar boy, because meetings between him and Jan W,--the adult—took place outside the church they were not related to Jan W.’s ministry.

Note to child raping Catholic priests: do it outside of the church and you’re safe.

The curia claims Szymik “participated voluntarily” in his rape because “the sexual contacts did not take place during the performance of the duties entrusted to him.”

Again, pedophiles, take your business outside and the church will protect you.

In response to the publication of the diocese’s legal submission, Tomasz Terlikowski, a prominent Catholic commentator, called the questions the curia proposes asking of Szymik are indicative of a “pedophile’s model of thinking” and will cause “the victim harm again.”

Again, keep in mind that Szymik is still suffering the effects of being raped by a priest when he was twelve years old, and that the Catholic Church thinks because he may have enjoyed it, or because it didn’t happen on church property, that it really didn’t happen at all, or just doesn’t matter.

Also keep in mind that child rapist Jan W. is suspected of raping other boys while a priest, and rather than being punished of jailed for his crimes, he is quietly living a life of seclusion on the Catholic Church’s dime because they care more about their image, and their bank accounts, than they do the victims of child sexual abuse.

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  1. Protect your own, no matter what... it's a lot like the Republican party, isn't it?

  2. Disgusting. Children cannot consent, PERIOD.

  3. So the paedophile priest gets privacy while the victim doesn't? Sounds like the legal system in Poland is as up the shoot as the Polish political system. And because he didn't have sex with Mr Priest during his duties as an altar boy that's okay? I cannot believe that Polish Catholics would have appreciated seeing their priest bugger a young lad during Communion.

    The Catholic church, especially the Curia needs spring cleaning from the top down.

  4. Astonishing, in this day and age,
    they are attempting to do this.
    xoxo :-)

  5. A new low. How disgusting.

  6. I can't believe it! He was found guilty of raping that child and did NOT serve prison time????

  7. I can’t. I just can’t. The Catholic Church doesn’t seem to get any better.

  8. The boy was twelve years old! An innocent child. That's all the Catholic church should need to know. How many lives have Catholic priests ruined? The list goes on and on. I know there are good priests who would never interfere with children but the wicked predators remain a significant minority and what is more, they have a habit of getting away with their terrible crimes.

  9. @Six
    I wonder how Catholics CAN.

    Sadly, their “own” is one another and they monies.

    But they believe the CHILD enjoyed being raped, so to them that’s okay.

    All the excuses for what is a rather simple case of an adult forcing himself sexually upon a child.

    They don’t care about victims, they care about their image and their bank accounts.

    They always seem to go lower.

    Nope, he was just sent away to live in “isolation.” I wonder if the Catholic Church would accept the same punishment for child rapists who aren’t priests?

    A vile, disgusting cult.

    Your first three sentences say it all!

  10. Sick on so many levels, the Catholic church, like most religious organizations is about money and pride... Destroy them. Turn all their art work back over to their countries of origin. And Tax the hell out of them. That is the one way to curb such atrocities. Make it a luxury to practice such cult like behavior. I simply despise them... hypocrites, one an all.

  11. @upton
    I like your ideas!!


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