Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Architecture Wednesday: 10 Usonia Road

About an hour north of New York City sits the Usonia Historic District, a planned community of homes that were built in the late 1940s on a 100-acre rural tract in Westchester County. While the neighborhood’s layout was planned by Frank Lloyd Wright, the homes were designed by a handful of his peers and apprentices, including Paul Schweikher, Aaron Resnick, and David Henken—a Wright apprentice—who served as the primary coordinator of the project and designed more than a quarter of the district’s houses, including this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home at 10 Usonia Road.

Meticulously preserved over the last several decades, the single-story home, which sits tucked away on a one-acre lot, has had just two owners—it last sold in 2009—and maintains most of its original design and charm. The current owners have only modernized the kitchen and bathrooms, and preserved the original details, including the sleek, vaulted wood ceilings, skylights, windows, and cypress walls. To prioritize the lush lot, Henken designed the rear of the single-family home to feature expansive glazing while the front façade was mainly concrete, and the owners made sure that did not change.

The 1,904-square-foot residence features an oversized fireplace which anchors the quintessential Usonian circular flow; on one side, the open kitchen, fully modernized, features custom walnut cabinets, state of the art appliances and heated floors while on the other, dining and living areas have walls of glass that open to the gardens. The architectural vaulted wood ceilings, skylights, cypress walls and windows invite nature and light into the space while a bluestone patio expands the living area into the yard. The primary suite is a sanctuary with a bathroom that rivals a spa: white travertine walls, heated floors and a freestanding tub. There are two other bedrooms that also open to the outdoors, and a full bath.

This Usonian home is listed for $1,395,000.


Mistress Maddie said...

I can appreciate all the design and layout...but I'm not feeling all the wood everywhere. How much Pledge would I need to clean it all?

the dogs' mother said...

Really feels part of the outdoors.
xoxo :-)

Dave R said...

Rustic Americana with, to paraphrase Maddie, too much wood.

Sadie J said...

Now that's a house I could live in--I love all of the wood. And that yard! And with those windows, it would be very bright inside. But sadly, it's an incy-bit outside my

Treaders said...

Oh that's a beauty! Makes me laugh though because for that price you might just get a 2-bedroomed apartment in Geneva!

JM said...

My goodness how gorgeous! I would love to live in a home like that.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I’ve never been one to go overboard on too many wood surfaces, but I do love this place. It needs Mistress Maddie to come in with the furnishings. Some cool things there, but too catalog-like for me. Even the patio area needs a more “human” touch. Still, very cool.

Bob said...

You buy the house, and I’ll buy stock in Pledge!

I love the property!

Very woody, and woodsy.

The property is amazing, and the windows and that main room!

It is funny, the prices. You could get a mansion here for that price!

I love the main room and the fireplace and windows!

I agree it could use a ‘Maddie’ styling. I like the wood, but I also think, “is there THAT much Scott’s Liquid Gold on the planet?”

Deedles said...

Way too much wood for this old lady to handle!

Bob said...

Get out the feather duster!

Deedles said...

Bobulah, sweetie, the feather duster was retired a long time ago. Along with the French maid's outfit. Dignity, always dignity.

Bob said...


Travel said...

Needs a little color, and well you know how I feel about kitchens that lack upper storage, I could fix that, I can live with the wood.

Bob said...

I'm gonna find you some upper cobinetry!!!!

Steve Reed said...

It's beautiful, and I love the shapes and materials, but I can't help thinking that open living room would be cold in the winter. (Maybe the floors are heated there, too?) I wonder if it was originally built as a seasonal house? Maybe more of a summer place?

Steve Reed said...

Oh, but it has a fireplace, so maybe not a summer house.

uptonking said...

Very tasteful. A tad cool... could use a touch of color. But really lovely overall. I like the way it fits into the land. Mature trees make a huge difference.

Bohemian said...

I now have a mental pix of Maddie running around with the Pledge! *LMAO*