Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Architecture Wednesday: Hamptons Glass House

This stunning glass, steel, and stucco East Hampton home was a collaboration between owners, Michael Haverland, an architect, and author and collector, Philip Galanes. The two men were inspired by Maison de Verre [House of Glass]—the iconic Parisian structure built by Pierre Chareau in 1932—and their home has been featured in many prominent publications and included on the Museum of Modern Art's tour of iconic houses of East Hampton.

The three-bedroom, two-and-one-half bathroom 3800 square foot compound—which includes a 600 square foot studio space—looks as though it could have been built in the 40s, 50s or 60s, but is just seventeen years old.

Designed with an expansive, open layout, the home features spacious living areas—all of which connect directly to the outdoors—it’s not trendy, but is chic; there’s a library with antique oak doors; a dining room defined by free-standing panels inspired by Jean Prouve; an airy, open kitchen—though, yes, the bird cabinets would have to be repainted for me—and a voluminous, light-filled great room.

The floors are Turkish travertine in the public spaces and wide, custom-milled mahogany in the bedrooms. Haverland and Galanes developed what they dubbed a ‘Survival Style’ that salvaged antique sinks, doors and hardware that are both functional and aesthetically beautiful. The bold steel windows mirror those used in old industrial lofts and are engineered for large panes of glass for better light and unobstructed views.

The house sits on an one acre lot that backs up to a 6-acre reserve and feels even larger thanks to smart site planning that set the house at the back of the lot, with open views to the lushly wooded preserve, while a large lawn is out front, surrounded by stucco walls that run indoors and out to create a through-line for the architectural planes of the house and garden.

A garage, free-standing pool house, patio, and art and work sheds were pulled apart from the house and organized around the property to screen neighbors and define specific outdoor spaces. Both the heated, saltwater lap pool, which is 4-feet deep, and the large travertine patio are situated for south light and sun all day long.

And it can be yours for just $4,995,000.



  1. Oh my gawd! - those birdy cabinets!!
    xoxo :-)

  2. OMG!!!!! You know I LOVE this. When do I love in?????

  3. Too much red! I probably should've resisted that. I love this one, too. I'd get rid of all the spindly legged furniture though. I never cared for spindly legged chairs, but that's just cosmetics.
    @ Maddie- "When do I love in?" Autocorrect? Freudian? Interesting couchy things?

  4. Weeeeelllll... This one just doesn’t cut it for me. I like the glass. I like the views. The lap pool. But it feels like a hotel lobby somehow. I’ll pass. The birds all over the kitchen make me nervous — like refrigerator magnets.

  5. I like it, but every time I see big windows like that I imagine birds flying into them. (I know I've said that before.) Hence the bird cabinets, maybe?

  6. I would spend the whole day looking for places to hide...

  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    No thanks! The birds in the kitchen would be disturbing!! I do like all the glass and the lot looks nice.

  8. Love!
    I love the Mid Century inspo and the grandmillenial style. Yes.
    That price tag, though...


  9. @Dave
    Even the birds ... ?


    This does scream you a bit, though ... again ... the birds????

    Yes, the furniture can be changed for me, too. And Maddie would “love in” immediately!!

    We’re on the same page. New furnishings, lose those room dividers and kill those damn birds!!!!

    I love all the windows and never thought about bird crashes, but the bird cabinets are way too much!!

    Try a bird cabinet; there are hundreds!!!!

    Those birds would be sandpapered off and painted over on day one!!!

    I need to lose the bird cabinets and those chalkboard looking things in the main room, and I’d be good.

  10. Oh Bob, you know I'm loving the bird cabinetry.

  11. @Maddie
    I have the doors shipped to the Casa!!! ūüėĀ

  12. It wouldn't be featured if it wasn't beautiful, but I have to admit this is a personal favorite.

  13. @BosGuy
    I love the house, but some of the furnishings need to go.

  14. There are some decor challenges, but I like the structure. The rest is paint, and furniture. I think I would lose the dining room side panels, I checked and I am a little short of cash to buy it this week,


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