Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Architecture Wednesday: Casa Huolpoch

I am all about retiring to Merida, Mexico when the time comes, though I still need to convince Carlos, and when I do I want something like Casa Huolpoch.

Casa Huolpoch is an old Yucatecan house from the end of the 1900s that gets its name from a snake that regularly “visited” the property's ruins—this snake reference might make Carlos refuse this home outright. Behind its colonial facade, the house has four bedrooms and a studio apartment in 3400 square feet—this also might be a bit too large for Carlos.

In the entry hall, living area, you find an old cast iron lamp hanging from the original metal beams that together with the white wooden beams embellish the high ceilings of the residence. The living room aso features a gray pasta tile “carpet”—pasta tiles are made in molds into which bits of colored cement paste are poured after which a solid-colored cement is poured as backing—surrounded by an antique white floor border that joins the kitchen and dining room through three old colonial doors that were found on-site and reused, preserving their character and its historical value.

Next up is the kitchen and dining area, with pasta tile and white quartz, has a reinterpretation of the old Yucatecan hoods above the stove. The dining room is connected to the terrace through a sliding glass door, generating a feeling of indoor-outdoor living, with a pool just beyond the covered terrace.

The chukum pool—chukum is a resin obtained from the bark of the chukum tree that is blended with fine cement creating a salmon colored for the pool—sits in a central courtyard surrounded by the stone remains of an old colonial structure, where you find an outdoor eating area and outdoor kitchen. Follow the meandering stairs from the pool deck to the second floor and the guest bedrooms, while the primary suite is located on the first floor, with views from the bed through the yard and cross the pool.

Casa Huolpoch is that perfect blend of historical Yucatecan colonial architecture and modern design.

If it just wasn’t named after a snake …

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Deedles said...

I absolutely love this one! I'm moving in with you. I love snakes. Balder Half doesn't. He can keep Carlos company. Not a drop of red, and it's gorgeous.

the dogs' mother said...

I like the more color. But, like most
foreign built homes it needs railings
and barriers to keep us older folks
from unwarranted flying! Also the
snake name - eeek!
xoxo :-)

Moving with Mitchell said...

I LOVE THIS!!! SG would love it, too.

Mistress Maddie said...

I too love this one, alot! The exterior sold me more than the interior, but the inside layout is perfect, and I love the mix of patterns and textures inside, not to mention the color pallet, so me! And the triple doors in the living room is very cool, I don't know why. The selection of door on this house, in and out is a plus.

uptonking said...

Dear Bob,

Thank you for finding me my dream home.

It is just drop dead gorgeous and everything I could ever want.

Let me know when I can move in.

And thank you for all your effort on this. Really appreciate it.

- uptonking

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Inside and out. And I would NOT mind moving to Mexico when I retire, of course.

Not even the name would stop me.


Bob said...

I FINALLY found a Deedles home! Let’s buy it and Balder Half and Carlos can live in the guest house out back, and keep it all snake-free!

I think you learn to climb the stairs alongside the walls!!!

You guys buy it and I’ll convince Carlos to visit ... often!

I love the open courtyard and pool area, and the original part of the house. This might be a little big, but I suppose I’d get used to it.

As long as you keep a guest room open for Carlos and me, I’m happy to help!

I, too, would love to retire to Mexico, either Merida or San Miguel de Allende, though Carlos, who grew up there, really isn’t keen on going back.
And hence his terror at the “snake” name.

Bohemian said...

Be still my beating Heart, what a Treasure this Historic Yucatan Home is, swoonfest! Our Youngest Daughter lives in Mexico and several of the Younger Grandkids were born there and live there too. I have thought upon moving to another Country if this one goes to shit... not that Mexico doesn't have it's troubles mind you... but they do have some spectacular locations to Retire to.

Bob said...

Merida is one of my go-to retirement spots.

Travel said...

I like it in principle, the floor plan and some of the details leave me asking, is there something else in the neighborhood. I don't like snakes, but the name wouldn't bother me, once you chase them away they seldom come where they are not wanted. I know a writer / lawyer who moved to Mexico about 15 years ago and LOVES it, and lives like a queen on her retirement income. (And writes and edits wonderfully!)

VoenixRising said...

I could definitely live there. Those outdoor spaces are AMAZING.

VRCooper said...

Love the feel of the house...Tone down the wood...More fabrics/textiles and color...But let's state the obvious...I don't like the front of the house windows, doors ON THE DAMN sidewalk...Folks looking in...Me being naked and doing gay stuff...No, not knitting...