Saturday, January 22, 2022

A Snow In Smallville

We’d been told to expect snow last Sunday and all we got was rain and a bit of an ice storm, so when they once again predicted snow for yesterday, I was skeptical. Especially since the entire day was cold but dry.

But then, around 8PM, the snow started, and we ended up with just a couple of inches but it was enough to make for a pleasant change and some purty pictures.

That top photo is one of Carlos’ Camelia's he planted along the back fence; the bush had seven or eight blooms on it today and its sister plant had about three, though they were a much darker pink.

That there is Casa Bob y Carlos in the snow, with a few large branches that came down from the combination of snow and ice and wind.

And this is the backside of the house; the sunroom, even with skylights covered in snow, was one of the warmest rooms in the house today.

Ozzo followed me around outside, but then even he had enough of cold paws and started the trek back to the house.

Here’s another angle on the camellias, with more blooms.

Lastly, the holly tree at the end of the driveway. I like it pruned like this and now I know why … it’s so pretty with the leaves dabbled with snow.

And there you have a wee snow day in Camden. The sun is out, the roads are clearing of snow and ice, and it’s gorgeous out here today.


  1. I'm lovin' the camelias. So pretty against the snowy background.

  2. By the way, I love your house's backside.

  3. you've had more snow then us all winter. strange to live in a place that looks like a mitten and have ZERO mentionable snow for an entire winter...


  4. when it snows all night and you wake up to a wonderland...we've not had snow yet this year in New Mexico (except in the mountains and higher elevations like in Santa Fe) and I hate to say I kind of miss it. This great little video, if you've not seen it, is a taste of what magic we left behind in New England:

  5. lovely snow! how lovely

  6. Camellias in bloom in the snow! Never have I ever... thanks for sharing. Bitterly cold here - we usually only have one week of it in January, but looks like we are scheduled for three this year. Bah. Take care. Lovely pics. And Ozzo is a cutie.

  7. It's so pretty! We got snow in Florence, too.

  8. @Deedles
    Carlos does good with things that flower.
    She’s purty from the back!

    This was our first snow in eleven years and I have certainly missed it.

    It started last night and kept going so everything was covered when we woke up and took a stroll around the yard.
    I’m not sure I’d like to live in a “snows a lot” spot though!

    It made for such a beautiful Saturday.

    I spotted them as I walked around the yard and was surprised to see them. Very pretty. Ozzo, like his other dad, has bad ears and eyes, so it was work trying to get him into the snow and then out of it!

    It always feels so peaceful after a snow.

  9. Very nice pictures. And just so you know, my dogs love it for about 5 minutes, then it's time to go back inside for a bisquit.

  10. Wow!
    The camellias with snow - unique and stunning.
    Ozzo is one smart doggy.
    xoxo :-)

  11. So pretty all of the pictures!!!!! I loved seeing flower and such covered with snow. Ozzo almost looks like a little racoon walking.

    Our last snow we had, had more ice. So when we woke up, not only a few inches of snow, but the yard and gardens were littered with fallen limbs and branches. Looks like a war zone...

  12. @Dave
    With his short legs, Ozzo was belly deep in just a couple of inches of snow, so he was not having it.

    The camellias were beautiful, and Ozzo was smart!

    I love the snow, especially later on today when the sun came out and the sky was this gorgeous blue! Ozzo liked it for a few minutes and then he was done!
    We got more ice last weekend, and less snow, with a lot of branches downed, so this was a welcome change.

  13. I love the camelias in the show. The day after a big snow is often so beautiful. Great photos!

  14. Fun to looks at, for a while

  15. Just beautiful!! Peaceful!!

  16. I love that deck and the sunroom. Lucky you!

  17. Flowers in the snow are beautiful. Your house looks nice.



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