Monday, August 09, 2021

The Ignorance Is Real

Fucker Carlson’s trip to Hungary ended on Friday when he took to the lying hypocritical airwaves of Fox News with an unhinged rant begging America to adopt stringent immigration laws similar to that of Viktor Orbán’s “illiberal democracy.” Be more like Hungary, he begged, describing immigrants to this as “chaos and filth and crime growing all around us.”

Funny little Fucker, because we’re ALL immigrants to this country unless we are descendants of Native Peoples, and think about all the “good” that the white people have done for Native Peoples.

Stole their land.

Forced them onto reservations.

Moved them forcibly.

Murdered them.

Treated them as second-class citizens.

Appropriated their culture.

We were welcomed by Native People until we showed our true colors. And why, after showing the world how we treat Native People, would anyone want to come here.


Helen Lashbrook said...

Funnily enough, the Magyars were invaders too; they wiped out the peoples who'd moved onto the Hungarian Plain, named after them funnily enough, the Huns* were a tribe of nomads who moved into Hungary in the early centuries of the first millennium. So these invaders that ghastly Orban talks about nowadays are part of a historical pattern of change - those who ignore history fail to learn from it...and F***er Carlsson is certainly one ignorant pillock (comes from the word for penis - see also dickhead).

* I am not sure if the same was true for the US but here Hun was a term of abuse referencing the Germans and used by the Brits during WW1 & WW2

Mistress Maddie said...

If Fucker Carlson want to be more like Hungary and have Viktor Orbán, then he truly is fucked up and should fucking go live in Hungary. When Warbucks job took him there, he says trump looks sane compared to this truly evil dictator.

I plan to visit him, but other then the beautiful city of Budapest there probably wont be much more to be happy about.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

You know they're doing a dress rehearsal for a white supremacy takeover, right? That's all that Faux News does. Hungary is cesspool of corruption and fascism.
So appropriate for Fucker to visit.


the dogs' mother said...

So strange they sent him to Hungary.
But it is Fox so I guess not.

xoxo :-)

Sheila Morris said...

I am speechless on this one. Fucker Carlson is the spokesperson for evil intent - regardless of where he roams. Stay away. Stay away.

Deedles said...

I refuse to listen to or about mood destroyers today! Dirty and surly as I am, I don't need this @#$%! I need to find my happy place. Not your fault, dear Bobulah, I didn't have to read this and you didn't break my water heater.

Dave R said...

He's as bad as the Spawn of Satan, ie the orange anus.

jaime said...

When the Europeans arrived in America they brought germs and viruses that the indigenous peoples had never encountered, such as : smallpox, measles and flu. The introduction of these diseases effectively killed anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of the native peoples.

We white people have a lot to be proud of in our *fair treatment* of those whose land we stole and over-hunted and ultimately fatally polluted, whose freedoms we abolished, whose very lives we ended and the mass dismantling of their rich and varied cultures.

Yes, by all means, they should have not allowed European immigrants to settle here.

uptonking said...

He has the convenient lack of memory that has stricken many a white privileged male ahole. When Tucker looks in the mirror all he sees is his pucker.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Tucker Carlson is a prime example of chaos and filth and crime growing all around us.