Saturday, August 07, 2021

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

Goddess, could Meghan McCain be a viler individual? Short answer: no.

On The View this week—her last week thank the goddess—McCain took a swipe at Kathy Griffin in response to Kathy’s announcement that she has lung cancer and was undergoing surgery. See, Meghan still has her granny panties in a twist over jokes Kathy made jokes about Clay Aiken’s sexuality years ago:

“I don’t like her; I’m never going to like her.”

I wonder how McCain would feel knowing all the people who said they didn’t like her father after his cancer diagnosis. Oh wait, we know because she’s talked about it endlessly. So this is just another case of Meghan McCains self-entitled, spoiled little rich girl, conservative bitch-i-tude because Meghan also had zero problems when her rightwingnutjob husband, Ben Domenech, made gay jokes about Seth Meyers when Meyers dared make fun of his wife.

I cannot wait for this awful human being to be off TV for a while …a long while.

Sidenote: Clay Aiken sent Kathy lots of love and prayers for her surgery, which went quite well by the way. So, you see …Meghan McCain is a horrible hypocritical person. Be gone before someone drops a house on you.


Back in May  when JLo and Ben Affleck  reconciled 17 years after their initial split, one of JLo’s exes—and there are many—Diddy, posted an old paparazzi photo of him and JLo holding hands. Commenters took the since-deleted post as Diddy trolling Bennifer 2.OMFG but now Diddy says his motives were pure and, “that’s just my friend.” 

Oh, and he used the interview to announce that he’s changed his name again … he was Sean Combs, then Sean John, then Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, and now he’s …wait for it …it’s desperate … no, it’s not literally desperate … it’s Love.

Seriously. I thought he’d choose something more relevant, like ‘Over.’


Homophobic rapper DaBaby—seriously that’s the name he chose—is apologizing for being a rabid homophobe who is also ignorant AF about  HIV and AIDS.  I mean, he said some antigay shiz, and was called out for it by the likes of Elton John, Madge, Questlove, and even his one-time collaborator Dua Lipa, but wasn’t about to apologize.

See, at last month’s Rolling Loud music festival, DaFool, used his time on stage to wax poetic about women whose “pussy smell like water” and how he loves them. What he does not love, however, are men who are “sucking dick in the parking lot” and people with HIV, because he doesn’t want to be around something “that’ll make you die in two or three weeks.” So, like I said, a lot of famous folks took DaBaby to task and he doubled down and refused to apologize until … he was dropped from several high-paying gigs and thought he might soon have to change his name to DaBrokeAss. And so he said this:

“I ain’t trippin on y’all, do you. Y’all business is y’all business.”

Not really an apology, and not enough to keep the jobs from disappearing. He lost a campaign with the clothing brand boohooMAN, and was dropped from several music festivals including Lollapalooza, the Governors Ball, and Day N Vegas. And now he’s sorry, posting his to Instagram:

Oops, sorry DaBaby, but when you apologize by blaming social media for making your bigotry go viral, you still aren’t really apologizing, and the jobs keep looking at you and saying:

“Um. It’s a DaNo.”

After his Instapology DaBaby was dropped from the Austin City Limits Festival and the iHeartRadio Music Festival; he will not be performing at the Can’t Wait: Live! benefit concert in Philadelphia or the Parklife Festival in Manchester.

DaBaby is DaIdiot. And I’m SorryNotSorry.


When you are being accused of being part of a million-dollar scam with your ALLEGEDLY soon-to-been-husband, Rule One is “stop talking.” Especially when you appear on a reality show and your words are on film for all the world to hear. Know what I mean, Erika Jayne? 

It seems that statements that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “star” made on the show can and will be used against her in a court of law by Ronald Richards, the attorney investigating the bankruptcy case of Girardi Keese, her “estranged” husband Tom Girardi’s law firm, who says:

“The show is a treasure trove of self-authenticating admissions from non-scripted actors who did not anticipate that many months later those statements would come back to haunt them or that they would be investigated. This is because none of the housewives have a duty to tell the truth on television. They are now caught in [an] undesirable legal position, were they lying then or now.”

And this has Erika Jayne ALLEGEDLY running scared because she just asked the court to remove Richards from the case, claiming he made “false and inflammatory social media posts and public statements” suggesting that she was not participating in his investigation. She also slammed him as a “clown ass,” “low budget” lawyer on Twitter.

Oh, someone’s nervous.


Poor Dean McDermott, AKA Mr. Tori Spelling. He and his wife have long been rumored to be breaking up because their lives are no longer interesting enough to sell to any channel for a reality show and why stayed married if it no longer turns a profit?

The gossip started last March when Tori made sure to be photographed without her wedding ring—which she probably hocked to pay a credit card bill—and then celebrated their eldest daughter’s birthday without Daddy Dean, and then left him off the family Christmas card, didn’t say squat to him ON SOCIAL MEDIA for Father’s Day and took the word “wife” on her Instagram page, though she inexplicably left the word “Actress” there.

Looks like it’s over, and rumor has it that Dean is cool with it except … they’re both too broke to break up. If only they’d paid their bills while they were married and were in debt up to their out-of-work eyeballs, maybe they’d have the coins for an attorney or two?

Someone needs a GoFundMe page.


Sweet news? After almost 20 years of dating John Corbett and Bo Derek secretly tied the knot six months ago. John says:

“Around Christmas time we got married. Bo and I got married. After 20 years, we decided to get married. We didn’t want 2020 to be that thing where everybody looks back and hated it. Let’s get one nice thing out of this.”

Congrats to the happy couple.



Blobby said...

well first off Aiden and 10 are RAPID BLOTUS supporters, so they deserve each other. secondly, DaBaby's two responses are clearly: first one - his, second one - high priced public relations firm.

Helen Lashbrook said...

How can anyone be unkind to some who has a life-threatening illness? I worked with a woman who was glad that her "enemy" in the office got cancer. How can you live with yourself feeling like that?

How about Diddy becoming Diddles?

This Baby Man is slow to learn; the truth about HIV/AIDS and how it is not a homosexual exclusive has been out there on the wind for decades.

I thought it was okay to lie on TV...or is that just F***er Carlson? After all Fox managed to slide out from under a lawsuit by saying everyone knows F***er Autocrat Loving Carlson lies his head off, even when in Hungary, or is Orban just a man crush?

BootsandBraids said...

DaBaby's instagram apology is too well written to have come from him. "I ain't trippin on y'all" sounds more his ignorant way of communicating. So no, sloppy attempt to keep from being cancelled, or as you put it, becoming DaBrokeAss.

the dogs' mother said...

Good way to know it is
Saturday - crazy celebs.
xoxo :-)

Moving with Mitchell said...

Do you think DaBaby wrote that second response all by his little self? I’ve said (and read) enough on these maggots.

Treaders said...

Meghan MacCain is a disgrace to her father. Tori Spelling - well what can I say. You can be born with a silver spoon in your mouth but often it doesn't give you an ounce of intelligence where money is concerned. And Bo and John - aren't they just an adorable couple!

Jim said...

Meghan McCain - the same woman who condemned Trump and the whole concept of t-rumpism at her father's funeral service three years ago and then turned around and embraced it on that TV show.
Perhaps she should just go back to posing in front of the mirror holding an Andy Warhol book while taking selfies?

Deedles said...

So much ick, so little time! I'm just gonna leave this here, Sean Combs is a much better name than Pussy Diddly or whatever he goes by at this given minute.

Bob said...

I don't know about Corbett, but Bo classifies herself as an independent and says she voted for Obama twice. That doesn't mean she didn't support Thing 45 but it does seem to sugest she's not "rabid."

We cannot call Diddy Diddles because it sounds like Deedles and that name's taken!

Clearly attorneys or managers wrote the "apology."

Once a week ...

That might suggest that DaBaby can write and of that I am not certain.

Meghan is a hypocritical rightwingnutjob.
Tori is all about money ad fame so I wouldn't be surprised if this "divorce" business is just to keep her name in the papers.

I found it sad, in a humorous way, that not one of the ladies said they would miss her.

I just think anyone who changes their name that often and for little reason is clearly looking for something ... like himself.

Mistress Maddie said...

With exception to John and Bo, I sadly or gladly, don't know who any of these people are.

Bob said...

It's nice, right?

Dave R said...

My, this is a day spent mostly in the gutter, except for the news about Corbett and Derek. That made me feel good.

Bob said...

A nice silver lining to the slop.

Bohemian said...

Bo Derek still looks very much the same, Congrats to she and John. All the others are irrelevant... but, I think they all know that and why so many are doing desperate things to try to resurrect themselves from everyone saying, Who Cares.

Steve Reed said...

I wonder if Puff Daddy (or Love or whatever) LEGALLY changes his name every time? Or does he just say, "Call me THIS now."

uptonking said...

OMG. John Corbett and Bo Derek? I never! How sweet. I see him completely differently now. I always thought he was special. Loved him in the Greek Wedding movies. How fun. Good for them.

Tori didn't get any Daddy money? How is she broke? No Daddy money? What about all that reality TV money? Where did the money go? Aww.. tough break, kids. Such privileged out of touch no-talent nobodies... you can't help but not feel sorry for them at all. F 'em.

Erika Jayne. The black pus that resides where her heart used is leaking from her face. Of course, her neck skin is now pulled up to her forehead, so... who knows what anatomical part of her is actually leaking. (Is it diarrhea?) That could make sense considering what she's full of...

DaBaby... Bahahahahahahahahahahaha. Good riddance. Like we homos don't have enough to deal with. Love it when they out themselves as bigots. Opens up gigs for people with real talent. He apologized three times and never came close to getting it right. Baby Buh-byeeeee!

And speaking of a lack of talent... Piffy? Puddy? Piddy? Pity...? Yeah. That last one.

Meghan is set to star as the monster in a series of horror films. She plays a beautician. Little Shop of Whorers, indeed.

Thanks for the gossip. FEEEEED MEEEEEEE!