Thursday, August 12, 2021


Yesterday, driving home from work, I was listening to my favorite singer on my phone … Linda Ronstadt. As I pulled into the garage, a selection from her alum, Trio, recorded with Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton came on. The track is called Feels Like Home  and features Ronstadt on lead with Emmy and Dolly adding their harmonies. A gorgeous tune, so I continued listening to it as I came back to the office where Carlos had been practicing his trumpet. He started to speak and I cut him off:

“No one speaks when Linda is singing.”

“Linda who?”

“Linda who? LINDA WHO???? There is only one Linda who sings.”

And bless his heart, Carlos said:

“Linda Osbourne? Linda Osmond.”

Linda Osmond. Seriously.

Tuxedo watches a lot of CNN—like his daddy he has a wee crush on Anderson Cooper, whom he calls his Owner-In-My-Head ..where does he come up with these things—and is amazed at the way Republicans thinks …or don’t actually think.

South Carolina GOP Representative Ralph Norman is one of the three congress members suing Speaker Nancy Pelosi over fines for not wearing masks during a vote on the U.S. House floor. Norman has also joined Lady G as the second member of South Carolina’s delegation to contract COVID-19.

If only there had been something he could have done to protect himself. Some sort of facial covering to keep him safe from his fellow Republicans and their germs.

He  has a lovely bed, bit it appears Ozzo only likes to rest his head on the bed and his ass on the floor.

Or else he’s drunk.

Show of hands … who saw this coming because I know I did. 

Apparently Caitlyn Jenner is out of all that money she raised for her run at governor of California and yet remains at the low end of the polls. Tis true; the Caitlyn for California campaign is  about $156,000 in the hole.

Sorry, not sorry, but she isn’t a politician or a leader, she’s a famewhore looking for attention and spending coins that maybe some decent, ill-informed, not thinking clearly Californian, or her rich friends, sent her way.

While this makes me smile, it also proves that MAGAts don’t pay attention, don’t think, don’t read.

During Thing 45’s losing presidential bid, his campaign tried to pull a fast one on their less than educated minions by opting online donors into automatic recurring contributions. And, since his MAGAt minions did not see the box to opt out of the weekly money grabs, they unwittingly kept on giving; so much so that Thing 45 and the GOP have been ordered to return $12.8 million—or 20% of all they raised—to his donors.

Grifters gonna grift and MAGAts are gonna get taken.

Rudy Giuliani has admitted to DOJ investigators that he was lying when he announced in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election he’d heard “rumors” about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails from “active” FBI agents. Rudy now admits he “had not been in contact with any active FBI agents in October 2016.”

He lied. Surprise!

PS  Rudy Giuliani has joined Cameo, an online service that allows users to purchase customized videos from participating “celebrities.”

Somebody needs coins.

Just a thought … I believe abortion is outlawed in five states at first heartbeat detection, so maybe child support should start at that same exact moment, including payment of 50% of all hospital bills.

Maybe if you made men take responsibility for dipping their wicks wherever and whenever they choose, their opinions on abortions and a woman’s right to choose her own health care options, would change.

Just a thought.

I love the website Joe.My.God. and the way it treats the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers, and COVID is fake folks who find themselves infected. Joe outs up headlines like this:

Husband Of Anti-Vax GOP State Rep And US House Candidate Hospitalized On Ventilator For Something

Anti-Vax FL Radio Host Hospitalized With Something

Hospitalized Texas Man Wanted Vaccine For Something

And yet still they don’t get it.

I got hooked onto The Deceived, a Britain and Ireland set murder mystery about a student who begins an affair with her professor, and when he disappears she follows him home to Ireland where she discovers his wife has died in a fire.

Or did she? Emmett J. Scanlon, left, is the adulterous and murderous[?] professor, while Lloyd Everitt, middle, is the man who comes looking for his sister, and Paul Mescal, right, is the good, or bad, guy.

It was fairly good, though the story exposed its ending far too early. Still, the man candy ,… 

Cyrus Moosavi; a Scottish former footballer turned model who seems to be most comfortable taking his clothes off …

… and posing in underwear. Works for me.


Mistress Maddie said...

Im only surprised that Carlos didn't list Linda Lavin!!!!! And wait a minute...what happened to Diana Ross as your fave???

Ozzo...must be a dog thing...Buster does the same...a lot!

I hate to be a evil bitch,well, no I don't. but when are that asses like Ralph Norman and Miss Lindsay and those ilk going to start kicking off. Christ they even escape death!!!!! And they old.

I remember saying "Caitlyn Jenner will never get off the runway". Bye Felica.

MAGAts what a bunch of dumb shits and sheep. Good luck seeing that money again.....

I have a very strong urge to pull off Cyrus Moosavi jeans, as I found out this weekend, I'm still real good at pulling off men's jeans.

And that Tweet!!!!!!! Three other flea bitten dirt bags.

Helen Lashbrook said...

If the Repugnant party spent as much time raising money to look after the children whose abortions they are trying to stop one "might" have sympathy with their desire not to "murder" babies. But as they don't give a shit about the kid they've forced to be born they should keep their lips zipped....if only.

Bob said...

Carlos doesn't know from Lavin.
Oh, I am still a Miss Ross fan, but when I get in a Linda mood, I'm done for.
Ralph Norman can anti-mask and die for all I care.
Caitlyn left her own campaign to film Big Brother Australia which doesn't seem like a good political move. But she's thirsty for attention and coins.
I don't think anyone would have trouble getting Cyrus out f his pants since he seems to like not wearing them!

They are pro-life until the child is born and then they don't even care if they get shot at school.

Steve Reed said...

I was going to say Linda Ronstadt might really BE the only singing Linda, because I couldn't think of another one. But then Maddie above reminded me of Lavin. Oh yeah.

The mental gyrations that Anti-Vaxxers and Trumpers go through are truly remarkable to behold. As I may have told you before, I read The Gateway Pundit just to keep up with the thought processes (if you can call them that) of the Trump right (mostly by reading the comments sections). Truly remarkable.

The thing that frustrates me about pro-lifers is that a disconcerting number of women are on board -- even though women are the ones who are most made to suffer.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Hahaha oh Carlos!
And you know the stupid Repugs will keep getting sick to not lose face. Today I read that people have BEGGED Cheeto to make a PSA about the vaccines and he's refused. It's his source of income (I love that his followers have been FLEECED! LMAOO). And talking about followers fleeced: Ken doll extraordinaire Joel Osteen CREEPS ME OUT.
I'm gonna have to get on The Deceived. I'm watching The Sisters with Russell Tovey right now. Love me some murder mystery.
And there should be a law that prohibits Cyrus to wear more than a pair of Versace tighty whities at a given time. Seriously.


Ur-spo said...

I met Linda Ronstandt once; she was a kind laid-back lady.
She also conveyed being interested in me for NOT knowing all about her, her music 'Oh I'm glad to talk to someone who doesn't already have me down as a certain way!" I think we talked about gardening and she was quite pleased.

Deedles said...

At the risk of being banned forever, Bobulah, I think that Linda Ronstadt has a much better voice than Diana Ross. There's more body to it.
Long live Barlos/Cobulah!
El Gato Guapo nails it again.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
So typical of ______ to scam
his followers.

xoxo :-)

Jimmy said...

I crack up every time one those JMG posts. Dead On!

Bob said...

I hadn’t thought of Lavin either!
I don’t get these anti-vaxxers. Are they not hearing, as the rest of us have, of the hospitalizations and deaths every day? Or do they think being a Republican will save them?
I also don’t get women who are anti-choice. I get being pro-life, but to work toward ending your own right to choose is counterproductive.

Seriously, the man knows me and so he must know there is ONE Linda!
Thing 45 won’t urge people to get the vaccine because it makes Biden look good. But since most are GOPers and if they happen to die, then he’s just killing off his own party.
The Deceived was good right up until they gave away the ending; still, it was a nice watch.
It oughta be a law that Cyrus only ever wear briefs.
Lucky man to have met Linda; I saw a documentary on her life and decision to stop singing after her Parkinson’s diagnosis, “Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice” and she is just so matter-of-fact, and down to earth. An amazing woman with an amazing gift.
I think had I met her I would have gushed.

Well, to be fair, Ronstadt couldn’t do what Diana does, and Diana couldn’t do what Ronstadt does; they’re quite different but I adore them both.

Once a con man ...

I guess when deny the existence of COVID and then die of it, there’s no other headline to offer …”Something”.

Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs said...

When will these idiots stop falling for trumps' lies and bullshit? Now he even swindles their money and they don't seem to care. How dumb can people get?

The Carlos story also tickles me.

uptonking said...

Hmmm... how did I miss a day? That keeps happening lately.

Oval-steen is the creepiest thing. I keep thinking someone should market masks of him for Halloween.

Cyrus is nice looking. I like his dark hair. Maybe when he's older?

I can't watch anything new until I finish the 17 series I am sort of halfway done with. Why do we need so much programming? Who has time to watch all this stuff?

You put the cap on the toothpaste, Bob. They don't get it, so... they don't get it. But then they do... if they don't get it... they do.

Men will never be held responsible for their actions when it comes to baby-making. They get to skirt all responsibility... why? I am not sure. But we've been brainwashed to believe it's the woman's fault... it her problem to deal with. But then they don't give her autonomy over her body... so? It's been that way since EVE.

What person would want to send a personalized video featuring Rudy? It would be a great way to get back at your enemies... but then... you'd be giving your money to Rudy... so? Jokes on you.

12.8 million. And no sanctions. No charges. Nothing. They still worship the guy. Stupid is...

Caitlyn is a waste of blog space. Please stop promoting that train wreck of a human being. Every time I see her face, I wince.

Ozzo just ran out of ambition. That carpet looks comfy.

Ralph Norman... a waste of a seat. Other than stirring the pot, he contributes nothing to the process. Destroy the Repulsivecan Party!

Good one, Tux. No... I won't remember it (no memory), but I wish I could share that with others.

I saw Linda Eder in concert once. I adore Linda Clifford's version of If My Friends Could See Me Now. Linda Perry used to sing, but now only writes.

Thanks, Bob. Always a pleasure. Kizzes.

Michael said...

As people are getting sick and some dying around them, I am perplexed at these moronic anti-vaxxers and maskers. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Janie Junebug said...

Hello, Cyrus! That horrible show was really called Joel Loves Chachi, right? The last thing don john will ever do is return money. The return might be ordered, but I don't picture it happening. Poor Ralphie Norman, attacked by that mean woman. I love Linda Ronstadt, too, but I'm really not into Linda Osmond.


Dave R said...

Osmond! I love that!

Ozzo's cute.

Jenner's stupid, and in need of cash.

Giuliani? I saw that wondered who in their right mind would want a video of him.

And that Joe My God something, something, something is a hoot.

Bob said...

@Agnes Goldberg-deWoofs
You cannot teach these people. Thing 45 feds into their hate and racism.
Carlos and Pop Culture ...even 1970s Linda Ronstadt Pop Culture ...don’t mix. And that makes me smile.

You didn’t miss a day. I’m still here!
Joel Osteen is the worst sort of man-of-no-god there is. He gives Falwell and Swaggart a good name.
Old or young, Cyrus gets me.
I find a few good things to watch, and some garbage TVC, too, because I’m shallow like that, and the rest can just go.
Men need to put up $$$ or condom up or zip it up.
Rudy is desperate for coins and will do anything now that he is no longer a lawyer.
Thing 45 grifting his flock proves MAGAts are dumb.
Caitlyn needs to simply go away.
Ozzo is an old dog—he’s about sixteen or seventeen—and when he passes out,you get him where he lands!
Ralph Norman is a typical South Carolina political tool.
Tuxedo takes copious notes for this particular post.
Linda Eder! I forgot Eder!! But, I’ll still take Ronstadt over any of ‘em.

I don’t understand how you can hear that over 600,000 Americans have died, and not think the vaccine is a good thing.
That is a special brand of delusion mixed with ignorance.

Cyrus is all Hello!
Joel Loves Chachi … no doubt!!
Ronstadt is brilliant, Linda Osmond …not so much!

Carlos can be rather funny.
Ozzo's a little shoebox dog, but he is adorable.
Caitlin and Rudy should take their act on the road the Ukraine.
Died of something. Yup.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Linda OSMOND? That’s creative.

The tweet is frighteningly real.

Bob said...

Don't tell that to Carlos!