Saturday, August 14, 2021

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were the ‘It Couple’ for a good long time until Bennifer 2.OMFG showed up, so how does the old ‘It’ stay relevant when a new ‘It’ comes to town?

If you’re a thirsty Gwen Stefani you Photoshop yourself over your new husband’s ex-wife in an old, old picture and share it on social media because nothing says thirsty like trying to erase an ex:

Oh, and you up the ante by getting yourself some shoes with your husband’s face on them:



It was a year ago—goddess how time flies when racists and their store-bought wives are gone—that Melanie unveiled her raping of the White House Rose Garden:

There were ALLEGEDLY technical reasons why the Rose Garden had to be dug up … replacing cables …better drainage, but  Melania remade the garden in Thing 45 style … lifeless and all-white. No color; no more rose bushes from First Ladies; no more Jackie Kennedy’s crab-apple trees.

Well, historian Michael Beschloss pointed out that this month is the one-year anniversary of Melanie’s unwanted unveiling, and Melanie, in a secure room somewhere in a Mar-a-Lago basement, came for him … as “The Office of Melanie _____” Tweeted out:

“[Michael Beschloss] has proven his ignorance by showing a picture of the Rose Garden in its infancy. The Rose Garden is graced with a healthy & colorful blossoming of roses. His misleading information is dishonorable & he should never be trusted as a professional historian.”

I’m not sure what Melanie was trying to prove with this Tweet but she’s clearly incensed that her raping of the gardens is still an issue. And someone who’s had more plastic surgery than most is a little too thin-skinned.

I really don’t care [how upset she is] do U?

PS I recently saw a Tweet that said:

“Why does Melania always look like she’s trying to spot a lighthouse in a deep fog?”


photo 1   photo 2

Anna Wintour is as cold as they come, but it might be true that she can be thawed out with a wad of cash.

Anna pretends she’s a huge Kanye West fan. Now, maybe she isn’t any longer—after he went full-MAGA in 2016 and she’s all Icy Blue Dem—but at the start of Kanye’s fashion career … hold for laughter … Anna was a fan. She ALLEGEDLY liked his music too, hiring him to perform at various Vogue events.

Why? WHY??? Well, some say Wintour’s acceptance and promotion of Kanye within the fashion world was all about his work and connections—he went to Paris, he studied at the ateliers, he befriended Riccardo Tisci and other rising stars in the fashion world—but was it more? What if Anna’s Kanye-love was nothing more than a pay-to-play situation? Is Anna Wintour Kanye’s beck-and-call girl?

Rumor has it that Kanye West paid Anna Wintour $1million to be accepted in the fashion industry, according to the always dependable … hold for laughter … Janice Dickinson, who says Kanye “hired” Wintour to “get him on his feet” when he first launched that Yeezy clothing line. Anna’s spokesperson denied Janice’s claims, saying:

“There is no truth to this.”

I know, cuz it’s Janice, but still … how else do you explain Kanye and Anna?


I like Demi Lovato. Good voice; political and socially aware … well, perhaps not socially. You see, when Lollapalooza happened over the weekend of July 29th to August 1st ,with over 170 performers on eight stages, and an estimated 100,000 people in attendance each day, Lovato—whose pronouns are they and theirs—took to their Instagram Stories and wrote:

“C’MON Y’ALL!!! Good morning from Lollapalooza. Yes this pic is real. THERE IS STILL A PANDEMIC HAPPENING!!!”

Nice, but … a week later, they threw up another Instagram story about Demi performing at the Sad Summer Festival 2021’s stop in Anaheim. Now, the crowds weren’t as large as Lollapaloser—not a typo—but it was still a crowded event in the midst of a year-long, and longer, pandemic, and Demi seemed fine with that.

I guess when they’re getting paid large crowds are okay.



Blobby said...

Honestly, i've never seen a couple try so hard to be a couple than Gwen and Blake. I don't follow them at all, and even what one catches wind of here and there, I find them exhausting.

Deedles said...

No, just, no!

Dave R said...

Evidently BS and GS bought a new expensive home... too.

Everyone Melanoma had nothing to do with that garden remake, Loser #45 ordered the changes to show how powerful he thought he was.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Not only was Melanie's Rape of the Rose totally tasteless, so were all her f**k Christmas White House decorations. But that comes as no surprise as Melanie was tasteless enough to chase after "billionaire" Donald J Trumpelstiltskin - any woman with any pretensions to taste would have stayed well clear of those fat groping makes me feel ill just to think of it.

And we know what Anne Marie would have said about this crowd of shysters.

BootsandBraids said...

I've never bought the Blake and Gwen thing, done everything I can to avoid hearing or reading about their so-called love story. And when that dreadful country song they co-wrote and sing together comes on, I quickly mute the music. Can't stand it. Can't stand them, but love me some Miranda Lambert.

Bob said...

They make Bennifer 2.OMFG look normal, they are so thirsty.

I'm guessing it's a 'No'?

Melanie took the credit, Melanie gets the blame.

I hear Anne Marie every time I do one of these posts! And I smile.

Their relationship tries too hard so if feels forced and manufactured,

Moving with Mitchell said...

And did you see Blake Shelton’s Photoshopped face over Gwen Stefani’s ex? Just weird.

“Why does Melania always look like she’s trying to spot a lighthouse in a deep fog?” Perfect! Why doesn’t Melania just shut up already?

the dogs' mother said...

Pictures on shoes!!!???
Dear Gawd!
xoxo :-)

Bob said...

I read about that one, but could only find the one where Gwen replaced Blake's ex with HER photo!

It's desperate: LOOK AT ME!!!

Treaders said...

Melania absolutely massacred that rose garden didn't she!

Janie Junebug said...

I guess Gwen feels a deep need to mark her territory. Will she start lifting her leg on Blake in public? Melania is disgusting. No taste whatsoever. Every time I see a statement or a Tweet from her that's written in standard English, I know someone else wrote it. I was appalled that after having three first ladies in a row with graduate degrees that we ended up with someone who speaks broken English and couldn't care less about our history.


Moving with Mitchell said...

The photo into which Gwen Stefani photoshopped Blake Shelton. I can’t remember where I originally saw it...

Bob said...

Yes, like her husband tried to do to America!

Don't give Gwen any ideas!

I can smell the desperation through the computer.

uptonking said...

I don't heart Blake Shelton. He's a borderline talent. Gwen, on the other hand, is an interesting performer. I don't 'get' THEM. But to each their own. Maybe their freek lines up in someway that we will never learn about.

Melanie is one of the rottenest people on the planet. She's a Disney villain in search of a bunch of puppies...

I believe Kanye bought Anna. I can see that. There is NO other explanation, as the man has ZERO talent. His clothing line looked like costumes from the film '1984'. I mean he he's a great manipulator. But that's his only ability. And now? He's certifiable. Seriously. It's sad. Propping up the mentally ill.

I don't get the beef with Demi. I love them.

Thanks for the dirt. Kizzes.