Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: Casa Nido

Casa Nido is a renovated single-family home in the city of San Fernando, a mile away from Rio de la Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Latino! Check!

The original house exterior was saved, respecting the Art Deco style of the home, but anew home was created on two floors inside the structure.

Preservation! Check!

It has an enclosed patio at the front that opens onto the living-dining room, then the kitchen, which open to the back garden for cross-ventilation through the home. Entering the home, you come across  another green space under the light iron-mesh staircase, that calls to mind the front patio as well as the back garden. The plaster on many of the walls was removed to expose the brick, and both the front and back walls of the house, including the main door, were worked into the home in black iron, continuing with the manufacturing line.

Outdoor spaces! Check!

It’s not big; the living and dining and kitchen, as well as a powder room,  take up the main floor, while upstairs is a very generous primary bedroom, bath and massive closet, as well as a balcony overlooking the back garden, along with two secondary bedrooms and another bathroom.


I think it needs a pool, but other than that when can I move in?

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Deedles said...

I love the interior, it doesn't even need red! Don't care for the exterior so much, but I don't go outside much anyway. A pool would be fantastic! The indoor plants make it more homey and warm.

uptonking said...

What a beautiful sterile place. What does one do? Admire the materials? Is this living? Is this inhabiting a space? I am not sure what the point of some of these homes are. Comfort does not appear to be one of them. I'd rather live in a shoebox.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I love that they kept the facade. It's so rare to see that nowadays. The floors are very, very pretty and I like that enclosed patio. I want one of those.

All it needs is some nice furniture and voilà! I'll be able to move.


Steve Reed said...

I like it! But why is there a bathtub in the back yard? And does it come with an Argentinian houseboy?

Bob said...

You like this!! You really like this!!!!!

Well, it does need furnishings and a nice garden and pool, but the tiles and the bricks and those original doors are lovely.

I'm with you!

I questioned the tub, too, but maybe it takes the pace of a pool until one is built??

brewella deville said...

That double door/transom window is gorgeous.

Moving with Mitchell said...

What a great use of the space! Yes, a pool is all it needs... and to be moved here.

Deedles said...

Maybe the bathtub will be used as a planter. It's a lot classier than a used toilet.

Bob said...

If those doors were in a house I owned, they'd come with me very time I moved!

Maybe if y'all buy it for me and Carlos, we'll put a pool inn and running it as a Blog B&B???

Or dear goddess, a toilet in the yard. Not again!!!!

the dogs' mother said...

Too bad they couldn't have
staged the home - would helped
to see it. Yup, I noticed the
bathtub in the garden.
My concern is that last step
with no railing and no barrier
to falling into the planter
next to it.
xoxo :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

I don't know...Im not feeling the exterior at all...but the inside is incredible. Love the wood and the tile. And it nice to see the house empty. Too many judge a house by the furnishings...when we should be looking at the design and architectural aspect. But it hard for many to look pass the staging sometimes. Id move in...and doing something with the exterior.

Moving with Mitchell said...

It’s a deal, Bob. To whom should I make out the check?

Bob said...

I’d watch my tequila intake before attempting the stairs!

I love that they kept the original Art Deco façade, but gave themselves a walled front courtyard and used the same material on the second floor.
I, too, liked seeing it empty to enjoy the floors and bricks and stairs and doors!

I’ll need a cashiers check made out to me!

Travel said...

Nice, but, too many stairs for my aging knees and hips.

Bob said...

You could always install an elevator!!!

VRCooper said...

Gives a shotgun home a whole new meaning....Outstanding...Ready to move in...

Janie Junebug said...

Such beautiful floors!


Bob said...

I know, right?

And the doors!