Monday, August 09, 2021

Because It's MY Blog, That's Why

Well, Christopher Meloni, a Husband-In-My-Head since I first saw him in a 1991 TV movie called In A Child’s Name when I was a much younger queering,  has apparently broken the internet with his body.

Christopher, who playsDetective Stabler on Law & Order: Organized Crime, got a little bit nekkid when he shot the cover of Men’s Health, where he shows off by tugging a vintage car, doing squats and posing blissfully nude with only a gym weight concealing his, um, er, firearm.

The ripped and tatted Meloni says he was stunned to make the cover at age 60, but realizes all the credit goes to his ass:

“There’s kind of a thing about my butt … People are really into it.”

Oh yes I ...well, I mean, some people, are. But more than all that ass admiration, Meloni believes “it’s cool as sh-t” to be on the cover of Men’s Health at his age:

“The aspect of age comes into play as far as the cover of [this magazine] and how I feel about it. A friend of mine said, ‘Did you ever think in a million years you’d be on the cover of Men’s Health?’ I said, ‘Certainly not at age 60.’”

If this is sixty … hot, beefy, bendy and fun.

Oy, I feel faint.


Mistress Maddie said...

Go on with your bad self Roberta!!!!!!

Someone fan this man off...he's is over heating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deedles said...

He looks better now than he ever has! Funny, the only show I've ever watched him in was something I can't remember but I liked it. It only ran a few episodes and he was pretty good. His sense of humor makes him even more sexy, if possible.
Thanks for sharing your blog with us, Bobulah (I refuse to call you Roberta unless Maddie calling you that sticks.) I will squirt you with a hose, if need be! Put on Carlos' shorts. They're well ventilated and that should cool you off for a bit.

Bob said...

I'll be happy to fan him off. i have a rather large, um, fan.

I prefer Bobulah and getting hosed is what I had in mind.

the dogs' mother said...

Yay! for all the 60s and over!!!
xoxo :-)

Janie Junebug said...

I wish my butt could break the internet! When I was younger, it was too small to be of interest. Now it's flabby and baggy. Ugh. I preferred too small.


Bob said...

60 is the new 40.

My butt could break the internet ... if I sat on it!

BootsandBraids said...

I'm guessing this issue of Men's Health is going to sell out quick fast and in a hurry.

Bob said...

I bought a few for myself .....

Dave R said...

If you don't follow him on Instagram, you should, he's very funny and very liberal.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh yes!
Honey, I think we're gonna have to do a rock/paper/scissors thing here. I'd love some of that. Damn, he's FINE.
I find him to have the right combo of sense of humor, confident sexuality and just the right amount of beef that make a man totally irresistible. At least, in my book.
I think I'm gonna go get me a Men's Health issue this month.


Bob said...

I follow him on Twitter where he's sexy and funny as hell.

I'm not usually violent, but I will use the rock and the paper and the scissors to keep you from MY Christopher!!!

uptonking said...

Simply lovely. Thank you for sharing. You are sharing, right, Bob? You can't keep him all to yourself, you know. I mean, you already have Carlos... give something to the less fortunate. Kizzes.

Kirk said...

Oh, gee, I'm closing in on 60. If I could snag someone who looks like that it'd be great. In fact, if I was closing in on 30, and could snag someone who looks like that, it would still be great!

Moving with Mitchell said...

As he said, “I catch flies with my ass cheeks, like a Venus flytrap.” I’m clever with my ass cheeks!” I want a demonstration.

Bob said...

I'm sharing the photos. Mr. Meloni is just for me. And maybe Carlos!

He is a sight to behold.

I've seen the ass and it's stunning!

Steve Reed said...

Well, I'm glad this is what I have to look forward to in a couple of years! LOL

Moving with Mitchell said...

The first time I saw it was on Oz (that shower scene). We both gasped ... loudly.