Thursday, August 05, 2021


We buy an eco-friendly laundry detergent that comes with a measuring cap and a spigot for you to measure the correct amount per load. But the last time we bought detergent they had a different eco-friendly soap, and I told Carlos we’d buy that one. Cut to Monday and Carlos washing the towels. I hear a scream…


“What happened?”


“What happened?”


I walk into the laundry room.

“What happened?”

“I thought it had a spigot so I set the bottle on its side and took the cap off.”

Well, if one capful of detergent cleans the towels, I think 5 capfuls should be even better. Right?

Is anyone really surprised that after living with me for seventeen years Tuxedo is a liberal?

Imagine there’s no countries … at the Olympics. Well, the good folks at Outsports are tracking a subset of Olympians, those LGBTQ+ Olympians, and the information they gathered is interesting.

There are 179 LGBTQ+ athletes in Tokyo, with more perhaps coming out as the fames progress. And out LGBTQ+ athletes have won 19 medals as of this past Sunday: 6 Gold; 7 Silver; 6 Bronze. So, if LGBTQ+ was a country then Team LGBTQ+ is in 7th place for more Gold and 8th place among all countries for total medals won. The only countries with more Gold are China, the USA, Japan, Australia, Russia and Great Britain.

Seriously. And hearing this brought to mind one of the favorite things I’ve ever read. This is from the Preston Reese, a Letter to the Editor of the Sacramento Bee from 1999:

“Is homosexuality a ‘soul-deadening’ perversion? Let’s try an experiment:

I’m going to rip out the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling; burn Handel’s Messiah; slash the Mona Lisa; bury Walt Whitman’s ‘Leaves of Grass’; incinerate every Tchaikovsky score; torch every Greta Garbo film; ban every Bessie Smith song; and grind every Marlene Dietrich performance to dust.

Then we can evaluate what kind of ‘soul-deadening’ world we would live in without gay people.”

Good stuff.

While some music festivals were canceled this year because of a pandemic or something, the Lollapalooza, or as I will call, the Lollapaloser Festival went on as usual.

Oh, the festival team said they took precautions. For example, attendees had to provide a printed copy of their COVID-19 vaccine card or show their negative coronavirus test results within 72 hours of entering. Non-vaccinated types were also told to wear a mask while inside the festival. And as we know—you can’t buy a fake vaccine card and no one has ever taken their mask off when they were not supposed to.


David Byrd, a Tennessee GOP legislator who went from unmasked gatherings with fellow legislators to being placed on ventilator for 55 days after being diagnosed with COVID-19, having his memory ravaged, his muscles and organs ravaged—which led to him having a liver transplant—wants y’all to know that COVID is serious.

Thanks Dave, but I realized as much when the doctors and nurses and scientists and medical professionals told me. I didn’t need to almost die, coming so close that my family, like yours, needed to pray for me to live, and I didn’t need any new organs.

But thanks for the message anyway.

In another example of Republican stupidity, Wisconsin GQP wingnut Senator Ron Johnson says he is not in favor of vaccine mandates, though he says an “incredibly deadly disease” could change his mind.

I guess the more than 610,000+ COVID-related deaths in this country are not enough for this loon to take it seriously.

Former Alaska governor, until she quit halfway through her term,  and failed vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin has said she would run for the U.S. Senate if God wanted her to.

Hey Sarah? God called, and She said we’re good. And She’d like you to continue watching Russia from your house.

Tennessee has sent half a million dollars to farmers who have vaccinated their cattle against respiratory diseases and other maladies over the past two years, but GQP Governor Bill Lee is less concerned about herd immunity for COVID-19 among humans.

He seriously cares more about cattle than citizens.

Harry Rowley is a British model and fitness enthusiast who knows how to rock the blond hair—he gives me sexy vampire—and give good face.

He first got noticed when one of his neighbors in Warwick, England, whose daughter was a model,  suggested he try her agency, Models One in London and that led to a very promising career. He really pulls off any outfit, and could pull off mine if he’s so inclined …

… Or, by the looks of these photos he does quite well pulling off his own outfits. That’s all.


Mistress Maddie said...

Carlos!!!!!!!!!!! Well at least it was eco friendly!

David Byrd and these losers fight for their lives because of ignorant and self entitlement. Why? They always come through. If people don't believe in the vaccine and think the virus is a hoax. I say deny them care and let them die.

I keep hearing well, you have to die of something some day. I d like to give them a syringe of air and tell them here, inject this, which will kill someone by putting air in their system. But I bet they wouldn't. What the difference?

And that tweet!!! Another one whos on karmas list.....

Deedles said...

I'm picturing Carlo surrounded in suds overflowing from a washer! Just like on old sitcoms. Probably didn't happen, but I'm picturing it anyway because it's fun.
Harry Rowley is a tasty little crumpet(I really don't know what a crumpet is, but I like the word). He looks a lot like Matt Dillon only cuter.
I'm staying away from loserville because I need a break. Fingers crossed for the hot water heater to be fixed today. The flies are partying hardy.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Handel was gay? To all you homophobes out there - so what? It doesn't make his works; his Sarabande, his masterpiece the Messiah and all his countless other pieces any less beautiful or less moving than it did before you found out that news. Being gay is just a part of who you are, like being a Christian or black or female or male, blonde or brown eyed. Wake up and cast off your hatred. It will free you to enjoy life rather than hating anyone not like you -

Bob said...

I loved it when I asked what happened and he meekly replied, "Nothing."
I'm still giggling.
And I'm with you about all the hoaxers and anti-vaxxers suddenly seeing the light when THEY almost died. I mean, didn't 600,000 deaths convince them or are they too self-involved to care about anyone else?
That's a rhetorical question.

I pictured Carlos like Lucy swimming through suds.
And I like crumpets like Harry.

Bob said...

It just proves that we're like the Visa card: we're everywhere you want to be...and winning at the Olympics, too!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ok, full disclaimer, I've done something similar: once I forgot I've already put those little detergent pouches in the wash and it was a struggle. Hey, cleanliness is close to godliness, no?
Lolla is gonna cause a big spike among the attendees. They're gonna go back home and kill grandma and the kids. No biggie.

The GQPers are headscratchingly stupid. And so are their constituents. Moving along...

Oh, yes. That model should stay in his underwear (or less) 98% of the time. The neighbor was right!


P.S. Tuxedo is not only a liberal. He's smart.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
Preston Reese! Wow!
xoxo :-)

BootsandBraids said...

Just say nope to prayers, nope to help via GoFund. You made your choice, deal with the consequences on your own.

Helen Lashbrook said... Russian bigots are as bad as evangelical ones

Helen Lashbrook said...

@Deedles - crumpets - recipe - best eaten hot, loaded with butter and marmite or Bovril in front of a roaring fire on a frosty winter afternoon

VRCooper said...

In regards to Lindsey Belle...I am sure he has down other bipartisan things...They are just not fit for public consumption...Those conservatives one has to watch out for...They can be wild behind closed doors...

Moving with Mitchell said...

Do the towels suds up when you use them? Tuxedo couldn’t possibly listen to one of these idiots in non-cat mode. He’d snap back with a vengeance. I LOVE that Preston Reese letter. David Byrdbrain. I sure am glad we don’t have any incredibly deadly diseases to worry, MoRon Johnson. Palin?!? Is anyone STILL listening to her? Is Lindsey Graham STILL alive?

Bob said...

Carlos does make me laugh.
And I cannot wait for those Losers to get COVID and then blame the organizers.
Harry is fabulous,, even as a bleached blond.

I’ve had that quote written down since I first read it last century.

I’m sure he’s bipartisan about her gentlemen callers; that’s the only “bi” thing about him.

brewella deville said...

If I'm in Tennessee and I had a loved one waiting on the list for a liver transplant, I think I'd have a few questions for the people who allowed Byrd to jump to the head of the line so quickly.

Bob said...

I may not need an actual shower with all the suds in the towels!
That quote from Reese is one of may favorites.
Miss Lindsey is dead … from the neck up!

Bob said...

I hadn’t thought of that, but you are so right!

Steve Reed said...

Re. Preston Reece's letter: And that was written more than 20 years ago! Imagine the list of destroyed contributions now!

If Alaskans are so clueless that they elect Sarah Palin to the Senate, they deserve the representation they're going to get.

Bob said...

I'm hoping Alaskans aren't going to fall for the Half-Term Quitter.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Carlos is a genius! No shower required. Just add water to the towel. You’re both so clever.

Dave R said...

I have to give it to you, today's post was a laugh riot from the very beginning, even the new country LGBQT made me smile.

Bob said...

I need to patent the idea for CarloSuds!!

I am amusing at times.

Janie Junebug said...

Tuxedo is a very smart cat. I have always said that if men got pregnant, abortion providers would be on every street corner. Please deliver us from Sarah Palin.


Kirk said...

Preston Reese nailed it!

Bob said...

If men could get pregnant abortion would be free.
Tuxedo is a genius.
I'm hoping the people of Alaska don't fall for Palin again.

He did; I have always loved that quote.

uptonking said...

Sorry, but Miss Lindsey on a ventilator is the only thing that can make this right. Incubate him! I hear he likes big things down his throat.

Harry. No. Zzzz.

Bill Lee. SMH. I can't help but feel sorry for stupid.

And speaking of stupid. Their spokeswoman in Alaska must be hearing voices if she thinks she has a chance in hell of being in the senate. Such a joke. Michele Bachmann, anyone?

Ron Johnson is the most clueless person... I believe his head really IS made of cheese.

Byrd. I agree. I love these dudes... oh, now that I have had the disease and almost died, and took up a hospital bed and a liver... now I get it? Really? That kind of stupid I do NOT feel sorry for. There was a dude in the hospital... five kids and a wife at home - texts the wife "Now I wish I would have gotten the vaccine." And the next day he died. Leaving five kids without a Dad. His tombstone better say... Whatta Dick!

Money over safety. Anyone attending any large event deserves the Covid they get. But the world - particularly our medical community - does NOT deserve THEM.

Maybe we should annex San Francisco and declare it a Gay Mecca?

I love it when Tux makes more sense then the people in charge of things. It's sad, the lack of logic that exists in our government. Justice isn't blind. Hypocrisy is.

I have mishaps with the soap all the time. We have a side jug with a rubber button you press and it get stuck all the time.

Kizzes. Stay safe. Mask up!

Travel said...

Maybe Tuxedo can replace Lindsey - would certainly raise the IQ

Bob said...

Now there's an idea!