Saturday, July 31, 2021

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

Kanye West held a listening event for his upcoming album, Donda, at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta but it wasn’t the music getting the most attention—and not just because the album is as yet unfinished—it was the food ,,, notably the all-beef kosher hotdogs for $40 and $45 for cookies and brownies.

Wait, though what about the $35 kettle corn, the $50 chicken tenders or the $65 assorted snack basket?


Also telling is that Kanye donated 5,000 tickets to several Atlanta-area HBCU’s including Morehouse College and Spelman College for people to attend the event, but he made all that money back by selling over-priced Kid’s Meal shiz.

And now, after the big show of nothing, Kanye is ALLEGEDLY living at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium until he finishes the album.

I hope there are lots of kosher dogs left.


If you needed proof that the relationship ais mostly for show, publicity and social media hits, realize that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went official on social media on JLo’s birthday, even going so far as to recreate their iconic :::coughcough:::: moments in Lopez’s “Jenny From The Block”: video where Ben felt up and literally kisses JLo’s ass before untying her bikini bottom.

Yeah, this’ll last.

PS That photo up top is from a  JLo birthday dinner and if Ben Affleck isn’t drunk off his ass he looks like he had a stroke.


Morgan Wallen, the country singer who got booted from Saturday Night Live for being a Covidiot and then got booted from everything else for using the N-word with his redneck buddies, is still doing damage control. He recently spoken with Michael Strahan for Good Morning America about how he’s learned so much and what the N-word means to him … or whatever.

I say ‘whatever’ because he called using that word “playful” and that the drunken slur “just happened” and that his friends love the N-word, though he doesn’t use it as much as they do:

“I was around some of my friends, and we just … we say dumb stuff together… And it was–in our minds, it’s playful… that sounds ignorant, but it–that’s really where it came from… and it’s wrong.”
Fuck all the way off you racist hillbilly. That word is not playful, and only comes out in drunken chit chat when that’s how you think because, and I have said this before, I have been drunk a time or two in my life, and I have been beyond drunk a time or two as well, and I have never said that word.

Cuz it isn’t part of me.


It looks like Scott Disick—famous for sticking his penis into Kourtney Kardastrophe and making babies—has lost his grip on reality entirely.

Apparently Disick was booked to make a personal appearance at Gaffney’s in Saratoga Springs, New York—and let’s not even ask the question, “For what?”—which is described as a “stalwart, comfy eatery with a garden patio” and serves an onion ring tower for $11, and Disick asked if the restaurant had a “spare plane” that could come and pick him up from the Hamptons, bring him in, and then fly him home.

And while Gaffney’s … big surprise … did not have a private plane, they actually tried to line one up to bring this reality show fuckmonkey to their restaurant for, and again, what, exactly?

But, Disick’s team called again to say they’d found their own ride to the spot after all, and wouldn’t need the jet, except on the day of the event, Disick’s “team,” which is probably just Scott Disick using a different voice, called Gaffney’s and asked for a helicopter to fly him in; and again, Gaffney’s tried to find one, only to be told once more that Disick & Co. had made their own arrangements.

Finally, Gaffney’s was told the chopper fell through and Disick, sadly, would not be able to make his appearance.

Again … what the fuck for?


Erika Jayne has been playing the Victim Card™ on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills saying her husband, Tom Girardi, was dismissive of her, cheated on her, treated her shabbily.

But when you look at Erika before meeting Tom, and then follow her face and body and hair and teeth through the years, perhaps he was dismissive because he didn’t recognize her, or cheated on her because her new face, nose, cheeks, or breasts were bandaged.

This is a woman who took money from her husband to transform herself from mousy blond to platinum “singer” and finance her “music” career, along with the bling and the glam and the gowns and the private jets, but now says the whole marriage was awful.

Awfully lucrative, from the looks of it.



  1. I believe Erika's marriage was awful............for her husband.

  2. I thought those food prices at the MB stadium were in cents! Hey, is Uncanny West now Jewish?

  3. I also thought the prices
    in the stadium were cents!!

    xoxo :-)

  4. Scott who? Why on Earth would Gaffney's go to such trouble to get HIM there, of all people?

  5. Connie who... oh, you mean Kanye.

    Affleck has never had any taste, even poor taste.

    Disick was never going to show. I hope they stopped payment on the check.

  6. @Blobby

    Dollars. Fifty dollars!!!

    Self-important tools, that's who! =)

    Kanye is notorious for holding events and charging outrageous prices for food.

    Bennifer is once again in it for the show, and the social media clicks.

  7. I don’t know and refuse to know who some of these people are. I look forward to the day, I don’t know who any of them are.

  8. If Erika hadn't married Tom, she would have ended up a porn star with a plastic face, big fake boobs, too much make up. Oh. Wait...

    I don't know who Scott Disick is, but I hope that restaurant sues him for non-appearance. What a dick thing to have done. And, yes... I agree with you. Why would you want this walking STI to have anything to do with your business is beyond me.

    And Wallen! Redemption tours only work if you are an established artist and you have a slip up of some kind. Your hardcore fans are more than willing to forgive if there is a bit of humility thrown them. Wallen has no fans... was an upstart. He told the world exactly who he is... a racist bigot, and we need to believe him and let him go back to the trailer park he came from. Playful, huh? Not a word I associate with racism. That GMA would stoop to have him on and not nail his white azz to the wall? Troubling and says a lot about just how low they will go to court the redneck Maga crowd. Me? I am in my cups frequently and have NEVER uttered the word. It's not a nice word. It doesn't flow from my lips at all... apparently that is not the case for Wallen.

    JLo and Ben... Hazzbeens need love, too.

    Kanye West will soon be exposed as the attention seeking whore he has always been. He is not an artist. He is not original. He is an adapter. He is an appropriator. The only talent he has demonstrated is the ability to promote himself as something special. But it's the emperor's clothes all over again... there is nothing there. He's all hot air and greed. F him. Remember how he sucked up to the orange ogre? Remember how he sucked up to the Xtian right? He's an opportunist on such a large scale. He's a joke. We need to stop paying attention.

  9. Uugghh wouldn't the world be a better place if we never had to see anything about Kanye or Disick ever again!


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