Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: The Little Cabin

We’re going small this week, with a tiny cabin nestled into a lush second growth forest on a bluff in Seabeck, a former mill town on Hood Canal, Washington. The tiny cabin was built over an existing  20′ x 20′ foundation, with the new two-story structure offering 1,140 square feet of living space.

Visitors approach the site from the south, with a porch canopy marking the entry and framing the  view of the canal below. Windows dominate the north and west elevations, pulling the landscape and distant view into the home.

Oxidized black cedar and blackened cement infill panels clad the exterior—and I so love a black house—while lightly painted panels and soft pine plywood are used to brighten the interior. On the sunny western corner of the house a large patio reaches out into the landscape and serves as a jumping off point to the trail system wandering down to the water’s edge.

It's a tiny house, to be sure, but the views through the windows make it a much larger living experience.

Now, if it only had a 7,000-bottle wine cellar.

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Mistress Maddie said...

I LOVE this. Small, yet chic and raw. Clean lines... and uncluttered and not fussy. And out in the middle of no where. SOLD! I especially love the exterior too.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

You know I'm gonna be all over this. From the fantastic use of space, to the location to the views, it's all a yes. I love the Scandi vibes with some Mid-century modern thrown in for good measure. I would totally live here. All I need is a lumbersexual and I'd be done.


brewella deville said...

I like my furniture a bit comfier, but that place is beautiful inside and out, a dream.

VRCooper said...

A tad of over 1,000 sq ft is not tiny. Perfect size. I love it. Love the area and the views. I do like surfaces a little more finished but I can work with this. Thank you for finding my next home.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love this! It’s very similar to my friend’s parents’ cabin on Lopez Island, although theirs was only one slightly bigger floor and only one bed and bath. This is spacious. And what a location!

the dogs' mother said...

Having been all over that
part of the state, this is a
great cabin!
xoxo :-)

Anonymous said...

Denis said...

It needs a little red for Deedles!

Sadie J said...

We're wanting to downsize. I'd love to find something like this.

Bob said...

I love the views, they really expand the tiny space.

I wonder if Maddie will let you borrow her lumbersexual???

Going by what the average size home in America is today [roughly 1600 sq-ft] 1000 square feet is on the smaller side.
But it's totally livable space which is a rarity.

I live for those views.

I do love it. Peace and quiet and views!!

We all could use some red, eh?

I think it's a perfect downsize because it forces you to think about the things you really want.

Janie Junebug said...

That's too modern for me, but I could handle the windows and the view.


uptonking said...

Adore. I could see myself writing daily in this house. And I love the way it blends in with its surroundings. Clean lines, too. Nice one, Bob.

Travel said...

Lots that I like, I'd fiddle with the floor plan a little, but I like. About the right size (my condo is 1120 sq ft)

Bob said...

I like the modern when it sits in such beautiful surroundings!

It's a house made for writing and meditation.

It's a great deal smaller than our house now, but I kinda like the minimalist.