Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: Black Villa

I’ve always wanted to be a Bond villain, and this just could be my lair, where I take Daniel Craig, make him wear that little blue square cut swimsuit, and, well. since I’m not that evil, he could be my houseboy.

But I might have to wait a while as this house, designed by architect Reza Mohtashami has not yet been built, though it is panned to be constructed in a residential area near Harriman State Park, New York, about thirty miles outside the city.

The Black Villa offers stunning interior designs like an incredibly large open living area with a sky light that takes up most of the ceiling. Plus the home will be “burrowed” into a hillside in Harriman State Park. The house features a moody black exterior in an abstract design; to incorporate its modern facade into the rugged scenery, the home is covered with a living green roof. The interior, while mostly black—and that is so thinning—is a bright, airy contrast to the outside with warm wood floors and floor-to-ceiling glazing that wraps the living space in views of the landscape.

Upstairs, the primary bedroom features two king-size beds—I’m thinking one for Carlos and me, and one for the pets; a huge open closet, and a stone bathroom.

It’s like a modern all-black cave … perfect for a Bond villain. All I need now is a name for myself ….


Mistress Maddie said...

I agree Bob! This could be your lair for the.... Black Widow.

No normally I am not a huge fan of modern and contemporary for my own style personally, but I am LOVING THIS!!!! I'm a huge fan of black rooms to begin with. And then with the black and the wood color and texture and the natural rock walls here and there.....ohhhhhhh yeah!!! I also especially love the design "stacked box" symmetry for the exterior, Love the setting and the green or moss to cool the house on top. But you know I love me a nice firewood stack storage column! And that bath?!?!?! This architect did a phenomenal job. The room with the two king size beds would be the orgy room for visitors!!!!! I want this!!!!!

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love it. And the interior decor DOES look like a Bond evil villain’s lair. Harriman State Park? I was there a lot (a long, long time ago). Never imagined something like this around there. Very cool. I just looked at all the photos again. Yeah, I LOVE THIS.

the dogs' mother said...

oh! my!
Interesting and scary!
Not yet built?
Beds on platforms - better
not trip for midnight potty
xoxo :-)

JP said...

All Bond villains need a pussy to stroke. Gee I sure know how to lower the tone. Love it. Just not sure about having to mow the roof?

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

And this is a rendering? Incredible.
I love the idea of incorporating nature and that living roof is fab. Do want.
The cantilevered space over the pool? Whoa. They make me nervous but they are sooooo fab.
Now, Daniel Craig in that blue square cut? *fans self*
Also, you'd be Mr. Loquasto. You were a famous car driver and everybody thinks you're dead but... you're not! You are plotting on destroying all those who tried to destroy you. Until Daniel makes it to your pool.


uptonking said...

This IS fun. I like it. I love the green spaces. And that pool. It would be like living in an office building. I do like it, though. Very nice. And, yes... a bond villain or a super hero.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'd kill myself within a week, too depressed to live any longer, if I stayed amidst this doom and gloom.

Travel said...

I like it, but, another kitchen designed by someone who never cooks or is 20 years old and bends over easily, and I'd fall of the platform the beds are on.

Bob said...

I thought for a minute it might be too black, but all those windows and skylights, plus the exposed rock! The Black Widow is spinning a web for Mr. Craig.

I think it took me a minute to love it because, at first it seemed too much.
But it’s not, it’s just right.

Yes! Scary! It gives a scary vibe, which I also love!

Luckily I have a cat …and he’s black, too, so he fits the interior!
I’d have Daniel Craig, in the wee swimsuit, mow the roof.

Mr. Loquasto? I love my back story!

The setting is nice, the green roof is cool, and my nights with Daniel Craig would make it wonderful!!

I love the black, because of all the glass for light and woodland views. Plus, you can sun yourself ON THE ROOF!!!

I need to find a no trip hazard, no bend over house. I’m on it!