Saturday, July 03, 2021

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

One-time Smallville actress turned big-time sex trafficker and NVIWM cult recruiter, Allison Mack, cooperated with the government and pleaded guilty in 2019 to helping Keith Raniere run a sex cult masked as a women’s empowerment group. Raniere was found guilty of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and attempted sex trafficking and sentenced to 120 years. Allison Mack is now asking for no punishment of her own in exchange for all the “help” she gave in convicting Raniere.

All that’s nice, Allison, but you’re an admitted sex trafficker, who abused, tortured, and branded—yes, actually physically with a hot branding iron—branded women as slaves to Raniere. And you need to be punished for that, or else it looks like you can be a vile disgusting human people who sells women in sex slavery and beats and tortures women, but if you help put the big boss away you get a pass.

No, honey, not today.

UPDATE: Mack was sentenced to three years in prison.


Speaking of three years … octogenarian rapist Bill Cosby was freed from prison this week and depending which side of drugging women and raping them—some fifty women ALLEGEDLY—you’re either angry or you’re elevated.

And color one Phylicia Rashad elevated, because she wasted no time at all in celebrating Cosby’s release, Tweeting:

“FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted- a miscarriage of justice is corrected!”

Look, I get she worked with him; I get she liked or admired or trusted him, but at least fifty women say he drugged them and raped them and fifty women are not wrong. But, yes, one of the few women he

PS: in the three years Bill “Rapist” Cosby was in prison his wife never once visited. He says it’s because he didn’t want her to see him in behind bars, but still; three years without a visit? Sounds like the Missus was quite happy he was “away.”


PPS: Rashad is now backtracking on her cheers for C\the rapist being freed, saying:

“I fully support survivors of sexual assault coming forward. My post was in no way intended to be insensitive to their truth. Personally, I know from friends and family that such abuse has lifelong residual effects. My heartfelt wish is for healing.”

Um, Phyl, honey? You said a “terrible wrong was righted” which utterly sounds like you believe the rapist and not his fifty-something victims of sexual assault.

Take a seat Karen.

photo 1  photo 2

If you go online you can find thousands of videos of Karens causing havoc, and thousands more of Karens causing havoc over not wearing a mask; and thousands more of Karens causing havoc by not wearing masks on an airplane.

Amirite Chris Kattan? The former SNL ‘star’ was ALLEGEDLY booted from an American Airlines flight for refusing to wear a mask.

Sadly, like Kattan’s career of late, no one filmed it.

That’s all.


God Madonna is thirsty for attention, when she should really be thirsting for Medicare and a spot at an assisted living facility. I ain’t saying the bitch is old, but … okay, she’s old …and thirsty.

After Lil Nas X ended his BET Awards performance with a hot kiss with one of his male dancers, Madonna went nuts on social media, and posted a photo Lil Nas’ kiss with his dancer alongside the one of her kissing Britney Spears with the caption:


Um, Madge? It’s slightly different for a fame obsessed vocally challenged white girl singer to deep throat another fame obsessed vocally challenged white girl singer, even in 2003 than it is for an openly gay Black man to kiss another man onstage. And this wasn’t even the first time a gay man kissed another man during a live performance; that was Adam Lambert several years ago, but …

It’s a very different thing that you did, compared to what both Lambert and Nas did, so you aren’t the first.

You're just the thirstiest hag still feeling the need for attention.



Blobby said...


Bob said...


Helen Lashbrook said...

Mack sounds as though she is a danger to other women, as is the supporter of that vile Bill Cosby who should never see daylight again. Sadly there are too many women like that around.

All that "I did it first" sounds very much like all those stupid playground taunts kids tend to goad each other with....and when I say kids I do mean kids, 5-12 year olds.

Mistress Maddie said...

Thank goodness there was only four idiots....otherwise you might have exceeded the limits of my medications dear.

I have seen Madonna's post on the gram...some she looks downright gorgeous...and others? I think she needs to be committed. No one needs to see the sagging old lady titties.

And for Phylicia Rashad suppose to be about woman's rights...she's a fool supporting him. She will get backlash...hopefully.

krayolakris said...

Make the Karens go away…

the dogs' mother said...

Maybe Phylicia Rashad was hoping
for a reprisal of their show
together? ak!
xoxo :-)

BootsandBraids said...

"Bye, Felicia" somehow seems tailor made for what Phylicia Rashad can expect going forward.

Bob said...

She’s a sex trafficker who, even though she turned state’s evidence, is guilty.
And Madonna IS a child.

I tried not to overdo the idiocy today!!
Poor Madge, she will never age gracefully.
Rashad did face backlash which is why she released that second bull shiz statement.

If only I had the power ….

The good news is that Cosby’s career is probably over.

What you said!

Mistress Maddie said...

Cosby I understand, will be making little wooden houses out of Pudding Pop sticks.

Treaders said...

I can't believe Mack ONLY got 3 years. Damn, what else did she have to do to get 10-20? As for Rashad, shame on her. And Madonna? I'm the same age and must be doing something wrong because my skin hasn't been that smooth since I was 15!

Bob said...

I’ll pass. I hate rapist art!

I think it’s because she cooperated with lawyers Against the big cheese, but still, she’s a sex trafficker.
Rashad is backtracking on her support now.
As for Madge, I think there are a lot of filters and some PhotoShop involved.

VRCooper said...

Phylicia is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I just don't get her denial. Like you, I may love and support someone BUT if they do something such as this I may have to reevaluate my relationship with them. They must be held accountable. Let's not get it twisted. Granddad is STILL guilty. He admitted it. We have 40 women telling their stories. Cosby is out on a technicality. It does not exonerate him. I read once-don't confuse legal with justice. What also surprises me is that he has women in his entourage who are smiling and grinning it up. His wife knows the real deal. Her thing is do your thing Bill BUT don't mess with my money. Not a single visit in prison. No birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmans, anniversary visits. That says it all. Now stay on your compound and leave us the hell alone. We don't want to hear from you. All the women supporters shame on you.

The Cool Cookie said...

Rashad is brilliant, but in that moment, not very bright.

Madonna? It's sad. She refuses to reinvent herself. Her Klub Kiddie Day's are long, long past her.

uptonking said...

OW. Ageist and misogynistic... dear. I get it. Madonna has issues. She does wish to remain relevant and has an over-inflated sense of self. But say that. Don't be mean and quite frankly unnecessarily nasty. Yes, Madge needs to grow up and accept that 60 and twenty-something is not the same. We get it. We agree.

Chris Kattan. Another dude I have a soft spot for. Sad to learn he's such a tool. Hey, we all have our days. Right, Bob? Kizzes.

I was shocked re: Phylicia. I get that her meal ticket is dependent on residuals from that series they did together, but Cosby is basically OJ Simpson II at this point. Cut your losses, dear. Wishing someone azz cancer is bad karma... but, ummm...

And that whole cult... UGH... glad what she got what she deserves. Now let's round up Kirsty Alley and Tom Cruise... What? Oh. We're NOT talking about Scientology? My bad.

Thanks for the feed, Bob. HEART YOU VERY MUCH.

Bob said...

Rashad is a trifling mess, and Missus C knew all about Bill.

You cannot say in one breath that justice has been done and then say you believe survivors. Rashad stepped in it to the hips.

Oh, I'd say the same thing about a man. She's desperate to remain relevant and she doesn't get it. She is not Lil Nas and their stage kisses are not the same.
Chris Kattan is over, but he, too, thinks he's still relevant?
Rashad messed that whole thing up.
Mack, I think, deserved longer. The Co$ will get theirs, though, too!

Dave R said...

Wasn't Allison is something else? I can remember. She almost as forgettable as Chris K...? what's his name? If I remember, he used to yell a lot. And, in reality, Maddonna's older then I am.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Bob, having read about the latest news from Smallville yesterday on your blog, I'm now reading about Smallville in my paper!

Bob said...

Luckily, I live in a totally different Smallville!

Janie Junebug said...

I watched the HBO series about the cult. It's called The Vow. The things they did to those women are shocking and Mack got off easy. THEIR truth? Rashad describes sexual assault survivors as having their truth as if it's somehow not THE truth, when so many women described the same events as occurring when they were in Cosby's presence? She should be quiet. I was appalled when I found out he was released. I also found it interesting that his wife never visited. Madonna should also be quiet.


Bob said...

There was also a documentary on Showtime or Starz about the cult and it was very disturbing what Mack did to women.